Mechanical Support

Each day, mechanical support is available along the route and in camp each afternoon and evening until 7 pm.  Several local Oklahoma bike shops accompany riders throughout the week at their own expense.  Expect to pay reasonable prices for parts and supplies and don’t forget the tip jar! We’re lucky to have these folks along and encourage you to show your appreciation for their service.

If your bicycle is 10 years old or more, be sure it’s in good condition for FreeWheel and that you bring along replacement parts for anything that might malfunction.  Similarly, if your bike is unique in some way or has non-standard spokes or other parts, you might consider bringing along a spare or two.

As the shop vans/cars/ pickups cruise the route each day looking for riders who have mechanical problems, you can signal them by patting the top of your head or helmet. This is the best way to let them know you need assistance.

The bike shop folks actually prefer to make basic repairs on the road, so don’t feel like you need to limp into camp to get assistance.  Get help when you need it and let our mechanical support folks have some time in the evenings to recover from a long day on the road too.

Bike Fitness
Schedule a tune-up with your local shop several weeks before you leave on the ride.  Please don’t wait until the last minute!  Make sure to have them check the condition and adjustment of brake pads, brake cables and gear cables as well as bearing adjustments in your hubs, headset and bottom bracket.  Tires should be checked for excessive wear and cuts and nicks.  Mid-week on a seven day ride is not the time to have major issues with your primary transportation.