SAG Support

Volunteer drivers offer SAG support along the route each day to transport cyclists as needed due to mechanical problems or injuries.  They also carry water and generally have a floor-pump handy for those repairing a flat along the route.  If you need assistance from a SAG, pat your head or helmet.  This signal lets passing vehicles know you need help and are not simply waving at passersby.

NOTE:  If a minor under the age of 18 needs to board a SAG vehicle, they MUST be accompanied by the adult traveling with them.

SAG occupants are NOT necessarily taken directly to camp when picked up.  SAGs are directed to patrol the route until they are full, then proceed to the host community.  If you ride a SAG, be aware that you may be riding for a good while!

Riders are expected to be able to ride the full route each day and to have bicycles that are in good enough condition to withstand a seven-day tour.

SAGs are not intended for use by riders who are simply tired and should not be viewed as a service to be used for other than mechanical or health related reasons.  Lack of training or poorly maintained bicycles are not good reasons for frequent use of the SAG services provided.

If you abuse the SAG privilege you may be asked to leave FreeWheel.