12 Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are all the range right now! Whether you are just starting up, or consider yourself a biking enthusiast.

The sparked interest in gravel biking is without a doubt there. Gravel biking is considered one of the most adrenaline-pumping sports.

Due to the difficult terrains and long off roads, a gravel bike requires more adjustments than an everyday bike and twice, the One major difference between gravel bikes is the width of the tires.

Bike tires need to be 32 and 40mm wide and have a deep-set tire tread. Wider tires make it easier to maintain control on steep hills. Gravel bikes are ideal for those thrill seekers, whether you bike solo or with company — gravel bikes may be your best calling! Even the rockiest of roads will be easy sailing.

They are perfectly adaptable for long distance or even racing, gravel bikers are just an all-rounder! The solid frames mixed in with wider tires are creating more support while you ride.

But where do the ‘women’ aspect come into it? Fashion ladies! Supportive, safe and attractive, that is what us ladies want in our bikes. A great ride starts with a great bike! Here I have selected the 12 best women gravel bikes!


Vilano Gravel Bike


Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike


Eurobike 21 Speed Shifting System Road Bike


Vilano Gravel Bike

Starting off our list with the fancy Vilano! The versatile vilano is considered an adventurous road bike hybrid due to the easily adaptable nature of the bike.

Being able to be ridden on both tarmac and heavy trails is ideal for us ladies. Also, being able to commute through the city and engage in the more adventurous mountain biking is super handy and adaptable for various lifestyles.

Working with 14 speeds and a brake lever shifters really does highlight the accessibility of this beautiful bike.

The bike also comes with a mechanical disc designed to be able to break in any weather conditions. The aluminum frame is both light in weight but stable enough to support your body weight. 

The handle bars are also a drop bar, which means they are able to be lifted and down. Also with the dual purpose 700c X 38c tires this bike is just for all platforms.

There are also mount points for water bottles and racks, which is another win for the ladies.

The design of this bike is sleek, nonsense and jet black. A modern but yet athletic bike for a modern but yet athletic woman. 

This bike is ideal for a beginner due to the adaptable nature of it. This bike can still be used for everyday rides.

Also the simple nature of both the designs and features isn’t overwhelming for the new starter. No overly complicated jargon and fancy terms.

Just a decent bike with good value for money. The main issue, you have to assemble the bike yourself, which isn’t ideal for a new starter. 


Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike

This retro hybrid bike by Schwinn is absolutely gorgeous. 

Designed with a sturdy aluminum dual sport frame- great support always starts in the bike frame! With a suspension fork and an adjustable seat, this bike is versatile and comfortable. 

Being advertised as a hybrid, this bike is the perfect blend of strong mountain bike frame, multipurpose tires and 21 speed shifters for a speedy ride. 

Other than the funky design, this bike is also equipped with a whooping 21 speed shifters alongside a rear side derailleur so changing gears will be easy peasy.

The suspension fork works alongside the light alloy rims for stability and smoother rides. Also a V-brake in both the front and back tire to deliver a sure stopping power.

The multipurpose tires are helping the bike become even more adaptable for multiple surfaces both on and off-road. With a 700c wheel size it will fit our shorter and taller ladies.

With 6 different colors, this bike comes with a choice – well six choices. All Schwinn bikes come with a limited lifetime warranty, so that extra security is comforting. 

The only issue I found was that a couple of customers had found the pedals either got stuck or completely fell off, so please be mindful of that.


Eurobike 21 Speed Shifting System Road Bike

This bike is for the experienced biker. The 3 spoke wheel cover gives the professional almost intense look.

The curved handlebars help reduce wind resistance when riding at faster paces without the extra stamina strain.

Also equipped with a 21 speed shifter – this bike is perfect for intense road conditions and upwards and downwards slopes. 

The frame is formed from high-carbon steel – making it naturally sturdy and durable but lower in price than other bikes. 

With a wide range of frame sizes this bike is also ideal for both taller and shorter women. The tires come on with 700c X 28c which are thick due to the road tire nature of them.

They will reduce riding vibration to make for an easier ride. The bike also comes in different frame sizing to adjust to your own height.

The issue with this bike is that it is rather heavy especially for us ladies, moving it around and picking it up was difficult. This bike may be for the stronger women out there (you know who you are).


Royce Union RMT 27.5″ Womens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike

This bike here? It’s another win for ladies! A lightweight aluminum frame is rust resistance but not heavy in the slightest- which helps with gaining speed.

Another bike with a 21 speed shifter which is super for mountain biking and gravel paths.  With 27.5 inch wheels which are designed to keep rolling momentum.

The all-terrain tread pattern is so flexible but still secure on the intense bike ride. Machined alloy wheel rims to help with breaking on demand.

Also comes with a 10-year warranty! Awesome! 

There are three real reasons why this is a win for the ladies: 

  1. They provide you with both a video and the tools to assemble the bike once it is delivered, so there is no getting stressed out with a pile of tools you don’t know how to use.
  2.  Padded saddle to protect your bottom
  3. Smaller frame than the other bikes so perfect for shorter ladies.

The range of frame sizes is far smaller than the other bikes on this list. So, for our taller bikers, this bike may not be for you.


Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike

This bike is another professional, hardcore bike. Advertised ‘for riders who want to take mountain biking to the next level.’

Schwinn isn’t ‘mesa’ing around! (see what I did there?) with the frame sizing from small to extra large even the shortest of us, well, 5’2 and upwards, can ride.

Also an aluminum frame and aluminum suspension, this frame can withstand rust, dirty trails and gravel paths, all while being extremely light weight.  

Schwinn prides themselves on their 21 speed selection and the EZ-FIRE shifter which creates precise and fast shifts. Also the brakes are aluminum, which means your brakes will be rust resistant.

The tires are pretty standard, 27.5 inch but still create traction and support while trailing.

This bike is reasonably priced for what is offered, a selective range of colours and sizes is also a nice perk. This bike however lacks the feminine appeal that some bike seekers are looking for.


Tommaso Sterrata Shimano Claris R2000 Gravel Adventure Bike

This unisex bike is swimming with unbelievable reviews! A aluminum compact frame with a carbon fiber fork – this is going to create a block on the vibrations from the rocky roads and make it more comfy.

Also equipped with a 30/39/50T Claris crankset and 12x25T Claris cassette, I know, a lot of bike talk – this just means that the speed shifters are going to be able to adapt well to extremely difficult terrains.

Also, Tommaso has also installed avid BB5 disc brakes to help with sudden brakes in difficult weather conditions. Also this bike tires are super thick and wide so it is perfect for gravel paths.

This bike is also ideal due to the optimized fit to create comfort, both the frame and the handlebars have been compacted to help assist you with the ride. 

Tommaso prides themselves in ‘helping you reach your full potential as a rider’. The only criticism with this bike is that you have to get it professionally assembled, which is handy if you know a guy but not ideal for a new starter.


Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike

Schwinn is back with another top quality bike! This bike is technically designed for young adults / smaller adults – so for our shorter ladies this one’s for you!

A durable mountain bike that is designed for deep trails and city rides. A steel frame will give this bike added strength and durability for off-road treks.

There are also front and back alloy pull brakes for quick braking. Also the tires are considered ‘wide and knobby’ which will be a great asset for gravel tracks.

21 speed twist shifters with rear derailleur for efficient gear changes while on the trail. Also, the seat is adjustable for the taller ladies. 

All Schwinn bikes come with a lifetime warranty (see t’s & c’s for more information), which is great for making this bike your forever bike!

However, this is a youth bike, so it is a no go for taller women. The frame is only one size as well. 


Dynacraft Magna Front Shock Mountain Bike

Now, this is a cute bike. With a wider selection of colors than the other bikes on this list, the trendy hot pink bike is the bestseller, and you can see why!

Each bike has their own custom graphics in either silver, white or pink detailing.  

The front shock fork is awesome at those emergency stops, alongside front and rear linear pull brakes, dynacraft ensures a safe and swift stop. 

Due this bike being aimed at the teen demographic these bikes are cheaper but smaller, with a 24 inch wheel and 18 speed shifter these bikes are smaller than others on this list.

However, the seat is adjustable so there is some give in height.

Guess what ladies? The seats are also padded, so your butt is going to be protected on those bumpy rides.

Overall, a short but sweet bike for the younger girls.


Hiland Aluminum Mountain Bike

This bike is the perfect blend of fashionable and hi tech. Advertised that it is ‘packed with features usually found only on more expensive bikes.’

This bike is cheap but not cheaply paid. With a fancy lower standover frame, it is ideal for shorter riders due to the fact that it enables them to straddle their bike with ease. 

With a whooping 24 gear shifts and dual disc brakes, this bike will be able to ride in most conditions and stop in a moment’s notice.

Also, with the lock-out suspension fork will utilize riding downhill and on tougher terrain. Also equipped with an assembly guide and 85% of the bike is already pre-assembled!

However, there is no kickstand – if that is a make or break for you.


Dynacraft 26″ Slick Rock Trails Bike

The purple detailing on this bike is selling the feminine charm! It is without a doubt eye catching! This is what you call an upgrading bike.

With the standard 21 speed shifter and 26” wheels with both front and back v-brakes, inclines will feel flat as a board. With a padded seat that can be easily adjusted for a comfortable ride.

Finally a kickstand available for easy breaks even when uphill. The tires are, however, nothing special so it may be worth investing in better tires once you get comfortable.


Royce Union RTT 24″ Womens 21-Speed Mountain Bike

Royce Union is back with their RTT model. The purple and teal detailing is giving this bike that little bit of spark us ladies want. 

With all Royce products the assembly video and told will be supplied to save the stress of building bikes.

Both 24 and 26” wheels so height isn’t an issue – especially with the adjustable padded seat – double win! The tired are also knobby with their tread digs so rougher paths are not an issue. 

RTT features a lightweight aluminum frame which will be easier for handling on the trails and 21 speeds for smoother gear shifting.

Also equipped with alloy pull breaks to help with those sudden stops. This is another bike that lacks a kickstand which can be slightly annoying when you take drink breaks. 


Mongoose Status Mountain Bike

Mongoose always builds their bikes with aluminum frames and a hydroformed tubing on their brakes to prevent rusting, mongoose bikes feel like an investment despite their cheap prices. 

With both front and rear V-brakes as we know, the stopping technically is there. The standard 21 speed shifters will make for easy gear shifting especially uphill. 

The perfect side and design for us ladies and the cheapest bike on the list, this is the perfect start up bike for someone who is just starting out.

To Conclude

To conclude, picking the perfect bike is difficult, but knowing what you require is a start. With gravel bikes, the tires are one of the most important aspects and something you really cannot cut corners on. Gravel bikes require another level of design. Their tires need to be wider and thicker than normal bikes. 

12 Best Women's Gravel Bikes

A decent bike shifter is another requirement, anything from 19 gears and upwards is ideal. A sturdy frame, preferably an aluminum based one to prevent rust. Brands with a range of wheel sizes and frame sizes are prefect for taller ladies.

I’d recommend listing your own requirements and shopping around to find your prefect bike. Happy trailing!

Check out the video below to see other gravel bikes by Ribble – a UK manufacturer – as reviewed by YouTuber Katie Kookaburra… Help her choose the right one!  The colors on these bikes are awesome!