17 Lightest Gravel Bikes You Can Buy!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you may want to put your regular bike down and opt for one that lets you explore different places.

You may want the speed and weight of a road bike, but a frame that can handle a variety of terrains. If this sounds familiar, you need to get your hands on a gravel bike.

Gravel bikes are relatively light, as most weigh between 11 and 13 kg. This is only slightly heavier than road bikes, around 2kg more in most cases.

If you’re considering purchasing a gravel bike, you may be wondering if weight matters or not. Well, this depends on what you want to use your bike for.

For instance, if you plan on gravel riding with camping gear and spending nights outside in the wilderness, weight isn’t too much of a concern.

However, if you’re competitive and planning on racing against others, lighter gravel bikes will travel faster, so weight may be a factor here.

You’ll find our list of the lightest gravel bikes currently available to purchase below.

Whether you want to set out backpacking or plan on racing against your mates, you’ll find a light gravel bike to suit your needs below. 


Specialized S- Works Crux

Claiming to be the lightest gravel bike ever made, the Specialized S-Works Crux weighs only 16.21lbs (6.9kg), which is astoundingly light.

To put this in perspective, their Crux Comp 2022 model weighs 18.73lbs (8.5kg).

The bike delivers a fantastic tire clearance-to-weight ratio. It also offers the option to use 47c tires, along with a performance gravel geometry.

The 56cm frame delivers a 1.46 stack-to-reach ratio. The bike is fast and sprightly, but you’ll still feel supported while riding the bike.

To receive a lightweight gravel bike grade, Crux needed to remove the fender, bag, and rack mounts, letting riders participate in a simple riding experience.

This isn’t the best if you want to use your bike while backpacking, but you can still mount bags on its frame.

Additionally, the bike delivers a 10mm longer reach to balance the weight of riders, while the shorter option lets you control the steering more. 


Lauf Anywhere Ultimate

Lauf Anywhere’s lightweight bike weighs just 17 lbs at the medium-size level.

The bike rides well across several terrains, created to absorb the shock of bumps when riding across gravel-covered surfaces.

It’s perfect for loading your bags onto the bike and preparing for a few days in the wilderness.

The bike’s tire clearance is up to 45mm 700c tires, while the model includes a handy bottle opener. 


Open U.P.P.E.R

This model delivers amazing performance seen on usual gravel bike models, like dropped chainstay and compatibility with dual wheel sizes.

This bike is a nice mix of speedy road bikes that can travel anywhere.

It’s very fast, but you’ll be able to experience amazing adventures across different terrains. It’s also very light, at slightly under 8kg.

U.P.P.E.R. bikes have the option to use several types of tires. Road tires turn the bike into a fast road safe model.

Gravel tires allow the bike to handle several different surfaces easily, while mountain tires make the bike capable of handling anything.

The bike also has a specific road-riding position that makes it faster, even if you use mountain bike tires. This is perfect for traveling to and from trails quickly. 


Salsa Warroad

This top-line option from Salsa Warroad weighs 17.7lbs.

Its bright colors are eye-catching enough, but the bike itself is a resilient all-road model. It can handle 80% road features, and 20% anything else.

You can fit it with 700c or 650b tires, while its endurance road geometry keeps you comfortable over long journeys.

The additional fork and frame mounts will keep you well equipped for long rides during the day. 


Scott Addict Gravel Tuned

This model weighs 17.86lbs, which is slightly over 8 kg. Its lightweight construction is designed to handle large tires and rough terrains easily.

It also has additional mounts that let you carry liquids while you backpack, so you can enjoy taking the time to explore new surroundings on your bike! 


Trek Checkpoint SLR 9 eTap

This bike weighs 17.86lbs, which is a little over 8kg heavy. This carbon gravel model is particularly powerful, designed for winning several intense gravel races.

The carbon frame is lightweight and equipped with gravel-smoothing IsoSpeed and lithe progressive geometry.


Giant Revolt Advanced Pro

Giants made their first carbon gravel bike a few years ago. Their updated model, the Advanced Pro, weighs 17.88 lbs. It’s undergone several geometry updates.

The front wheel is now located further away, which, along with the rear base bracket, makes the bike more stable.

These updates seem like the brand is attempting to target a wider range of riders that need support to experience biking adventures.

The chainstay can be altered up to 10mm, while the frame can handle tires up to 53mm 700c. 


Liv Devote Advanced Pro

This bike is known as one of the lightest backpacking models ever made.

Designed particularly for women, this bike weighs 18.08lbs, which is roughly 8.2kg.

The bike is great for bikepacking rides and traveling across gravel.

The frame is simple and polished and is equipped with interior cable routing. This model has a tire clearance capable of handling 45c tires.

The lightweight construction aside, a few of these models are built with D-Fuse seatposts, or dropper ones, that absorb vibrations while riding.

This is perfect for riding off-road, making the journey a lot more comfortable. 


Cervelo Aspero 5

This bike roughly weighs around 18 lbs, but this model is designed for races, not exploring.

It is made for newer gravel riders who want to race across trails and compete with their past scores.

The model aims to act as a road bike when used off-roading. 


Salsa Warbird

This model is specifically made for the road, gravel, and fire-road riding.

The Salsa Warbird’s frame is comfortable and stable, even when on longer rides. It’s equipped with several mounts to carry your bikepacking gear.

This model is ideal for people who want to ride quickly and experience bikepacking ventures, on gravel or road.

The Salsa Warbird is a bike that is nimble, lightweight, elegant, and can handle riding across gravel.

At just 18.3lbs, this bike is perfect for you if you’re after a speedy ride.


Cannondale Topstone Carbon 5

This carbon bike weighs 18.65 lbs, which is roughly 8.46kg. The model is equipped with Kingpin suspension on the back, across 700c speedy wheels.

Whether you choose to ride on the road or rougher terrain, this bike will keep you comfortable and in control. 


Ridley Kanzo Fast

This model is one of the quickest examples on this list. The aptly named Kanzo Fast is just 18.74lbs.

It’s equipped with gravel-specific geometry, an aerodynamic frame, and large tire clearance. This allows you to install tires up to 42mm wide.

The medium frame has a stack-to-reach ratio of 1.52, which means you’ll be sat up straight more compared to some other gravel bikes on the market. 


Juliana Quincy CC GRX

This is a women’s gravel bike that is robust, lightweight, and comfortable to ride on. It weighs 18.76 lbs, which is 8.51kg.

The bike was developed over several years as mountain bike technology evolved, creating a sturdy, yet comfortable off-road bike.

This model comes with particular fork offsets, cage mounts for water bottles, and extra room for either a 45mm 700c tire, or a 2.1” 650b one. 


Ibis Hakka MX

The Hakka model from Ibis is a flexible bike. It can handle road surfaces, cross terrains, and gravel easily, along with rougher terrains along the backwoods.

The Hakka is relatively light, at 18.8 lbs, while its elegantly designed chainstays give the frame tire clearance for either 27.5 x 2.1-inch tires, or 700 x 40 c ones.


Santa Cruz Stigmata

An established brand, Santa Cruz has spent many years developing and producing amazing mountain bikes.

The brand equipped this gravel bike with the knowledge they have learned from the past. 

The Stigmata was produced in 2007, during which time it was known as a cyclocross model, as gravel bikes weren’t made then.

The Stigmata can handle fast speeds, thanks to its lightweight carbon fiber build.

It’s lightweight enough, at 18.89lbs, and provides clearance for tires 650x53mm or 700x45m. 


3T Exploro

This model is perfect for high speeds and bikepacking adventures.

It’s very lightweight, at 19.2lbs, and leaves tire clearance for mountain bike tires 27.5 x 2.1 inches wide.

This bike has the greatest tire clearance out of all the models listed here.

Riding and gravel racing were never the same after this bike was created. This model blends road speed and the robust nature needed for the mountains.

No matter where you ride on this bike, you’ll travel quickly, no matter if you’re on gravel, pavement, or singletrack. 


Canyon Grizl

The Canyon Grizl is on this list due to its lightweight build, at just 8.7kg.

However, this gravel bike is a decent bikepacking option and has a tire clearance of up to 50mm rubber. 

You’ll be able to ride this bike on several terrains, giving you the chance to live many adventures.

The Bottom Line

The list above outlines some of the lightest gravel bike models currently available to purchase.

17 Lightest Gravel Bikes You Can Buy!

Weight might not be a factor if bikepacking is your only concern, but if you want to travel fast, you’ll want to opt for bikes with a lightweight build.

Gravel bikes are meant to be ridden fast, so make sure your end choice doesn’t weigh too much!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Good Weight For A Gravel Bike?

Most carbon bikes, including gravel models, won’t be under 14.99 lbs, so most gravel bikes will weigh around 15 pounds. The majority of gravel bikes weigh between 18 and 30 pounds.

Can You Mountain Bike With A Gravel Bike?

Better-made gravel bikes look a lot different compared to well-made mountain bikes.

However, you can still ride gravel bikes on mountain bike trails, and mountain bikes on gravel roads. 

The term ‘gravel cycling’ is loosely defined. You can encounter anything from rocky roads and pavements to sandy singletracks and biking trails.

What Is A Good Average Speed On A Gravel Bike?

The average speed you reach on a gravel bike will vary depending on your build, fitness, and bike’s design.

Nevertheless, most people tend to reach speeds between 13 and 15 mph when on gravel bikes.

Keep in mind that when used in racing, road bikes will reach higher speeds compared to gravel bikes.

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