“When your legs scream stop and your lungs are bursting, that’s when it starts. That’s the hurt locker. Winners love it in there”

Chris McCormack

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Top 8 Drop-Bar Mountain Bikes

The beauty of a good mountain bike is the ability to go where others can’t, with one of the more popular manifestations being the drop-bar [...]

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The Best Rear Bike Racks For Cyclists Looking To Tour Or Commute

Whether you’re planning on heading on a bicycle tour or just want to have a place for your luggage whilst you commute, a bike rack [...]

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Best Front Bike Racks

Trying to find the best front bike racks can be a challenge. It can be easy to find plenty of rear bike racks, but front [...]

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Steel Gravel Bikes – A Comprehensive List

Believe it or not, steel is actually one of the best materials for building gravel bikes.For a long time, steel frames dwindled in popularity due [...]

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Kids Fat Bikes – The Ultimate List of 5 Fat Bikes for Kids

If your kids are always nagging to join you on the more difficult terrain trails that you ride on your fat bikes, then why not [...]

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Best Cycling Sandals For Bike Touring And Bikepacking

Long bike rides, such as you might experience while bike touring or bikepacking, can be a lot of fun. However, they can also be very [...]

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Are Carbon Bikes Faster than Aluminum?

Generally speaking, yes, carbon bikes are faster than aluminum, but it’s important not to lose sight of the significance of design and build quality when [...]

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Are Steel Frame Bikes Good?

There is a lot of debate in the cycling world about the best material for bike frames. Traditionally, road or racer bikes were made from [...]

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Are Clipless Better than Normal Pedals?

For two relatively small pieces of material that go underneath our feet, it’s surprising just how important pedals are when it comes to efficiency, power, [...]

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Do Clip Pedals Make You Faster?

Do the pedals you use make a difference to your riding performance? As cycling technology has progressed throughout time, there are more and more ways [...]

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Is an Aluminum Framed Bike Better than Steel?

Bikes come in all shapes and sizes, and with different brands and makes, they can also come in different designs and can be made with [...]

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Are Wider Gravel Tires Faster?

Gravel tires can be a lifesaver for any cyclist who regularly has to contend with rocky or gravelly terrain while cycling. However, choosing the right [...]

Bike Maintenance

Bike Maintenance and Upkeep

Why Did My Tubeless Tire Go Flat?

Whether it happens out on the trail or overnight in the shed, a flat tire is one of the most annoying things all cyclists have [...]

Bike Maintenance and Upkeep

Can I Wash a Bike with a Hose?

Yes, you can wash a bike with a hose, especially if the hose has a sprayer. This is a good way to get a bike [...]

Bike Maintenance and Upkeep

Can I Wash My Bike with Dish Soap?

If you ride your bike regularly, it’s guaranteed to get dirty at some point, especially if the weather has been rainy and you’ve been cycling [...]

Bike Maintenance and Upkeep

Is Salt Bad for Bike?

When it comes to giving your bike a good clean, salt isn’t the answer. Salt can be found in various products that aren’t designed for [...]

Bike Maintenance and Upkeep

What Should I Use to Clean My Bike?

Fortunately, you don’t need to buy specific bike cleaning products and equipment to clean your bike. Each bike should be cleaned at least once a [...]

Bike Maintenance and Upkeep

Can I Use Wd40 On Bike Chain?

The answer to that largely depends on who you are asking. Some people will say no, that it’s not an effective way to lubricate your [...]