The 12 Best Gravel Bikes Under $2000

Whether you’re an expert cyclist or a beginner wanting to get into adventure cycling, there will be the perfect gravel bike for you.

Gravel biking can be an entertaining and adrenaline-pumping experience no matter what skill level you find yourself at. It is especially enjoyable with a group of friends or family who all share your passion. 

Gravel bikes are perfect for those demanding, tricky terrains and long off-road rides. With the best gravel bike, you can easily conquer the rockiest of mountains and the bumpiest of dirt tracks.

The best gravel bikes also make excellent racing and long-distance trekking bikes. These solid/sturdy bikes give you the safety and support you need to fly down the road and take on the toughest of routes but how do you find the right bike for you. 

There’s a wide range of gravel bikes out there, all coming at a different price, equipped with an array of features. With so many to choose from finding the right bike can be daunting. That’s where we come in.

We have put together the perfect guide for the best gravel bikes under $2000. As well as looking at what makes each bike suitable we have also included a useful buyers guide, packed with information to help you make the right purchase.

Let’s not waste any more time, let’s dive into the article.


Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike


Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike


Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike


Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike

We kick our list off with an outstanding gravel bike. For starters, the Mongoose Switchback bike is beautifully designed, looking fantastic as well as being perfectly suitable for off-road trekking and competitive racing. 

This gravel bike is made with a tectonic aluminum frame for lightweight durability. This with the Mongoose MTB saddle guarantees you ultimate comfort whilst you take on single track trails or power through those nasty gravel paths.

Riding in tough and unpredictable environments results in an even greater need for good, solid brakes. This Mongoose bike has you covered.

The gravel bike comes with disc brakes that offer superior stopping power that you can rely on in any conditions.

Being able to rest assured that your bike is keeping you safe will allow you to unleash your full potential whilst riding.

The Mongoose Switchback has powerful speed and performance features that are ideal for varying rugged terrain, from the easiest of tarmac roads to the steepest of rocky mountains.

21-speed shifters and derailleurs provide precise, quick gear changes to help you ride easier. 

Available in three different colors this bike is perfect for any beginner or an experienced rider looking to conquer tricky terrain or race across the tarmac. The Mongoose is a great choice for doing a bit of everything. 


  • Aluminum frame
  • 21-speed shifters
  • Double-wall alloy rims
  • 27.5-inch wheels with Mongoose 2.1-inch wide tires, suitable for all terrains
  • 3 colors are available


  • Durable – This bike will happily go through hell and back for your enjoyment and still stand strong.
  • Off-road and on – The Mongoose Switchback is ideal for both off-road trekking and road racing.
  • Trail ready – This bike is fitted with SR Suntour XC-E28 suspension, making it comfortable and enjoyable to ride in the harshest of environments.


  • Assembly issues – Unfortunately you need to assemble the bike yourself. This might be difficult for beginners who don’t have extensive biking knowledge.


Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike

The Giordano Trieste is a multi-purpose bike that can support your needs through multiple different types of rides.

On this bike, you can comfortably ride through long-rugged terrain or race along easy, flat roads. Whatever you put the bike through it will have you covered. 

This gravel bike has a steel frame that is lightweight and strong. It is fitted with mechanical brakes, steel forks, and a 32 hole double-wall alloy rim with 700c x 30mm tires.

The Giordano has been fantastically equipped and designed for those of you who want an adventuring bike that can smoothly take on miles upon miles of dirt tracks or rocky terrain.

With the added feature of 16 speeds shifters, you have the freedom to open up the bike and build up speed, or simply enjoy a relaxed bike ride with friends and family. The opportunities are endless. 

If you’re not sure exactly what you want from a gravel bike yet this could be the option for you.

The ability to use it effortlessly as a commuter bike, road, or trail bike gives you the chance to try the bike out in multiple environments to see what you prefer.

Most users of this gravel bike report that it feels just like a normal road bike but can handle mixed terrains really well. 


  • Steel frame
  • 32 hole double-wall alloy rim
  • 700c x 30mm tires
  • Shimano Claris STI Shifters
  • 2 different colors


  • Multipurpose bike – This bike can handle road surfaces and rocky terrain well.
  • Steel frames – Steel is one of the toughest materials available to make a bike out of.
  • Suitable beginners bike – Great for beginners who are looking to take up riding. This bike does exactly what it says. 


  • Gears better suited to road racing – The gears on this bike suit road racing more. These can be changed.


Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

The Schwinn Bonafide mountain bike is perfect for anybody who regularly rides through rugged terrain and enjoys climbing steep inclines.

Built with 24-speed shifters you can quickly and smoothly change gears. This makes your biking experience a lot more enjoyable and effective. 

This gravel bike has larger wheels than the other bikes on this list so far. The wheels are 29 inches in size, measuring 2.25 inches in width. This is a great size that is quite common with most mountain bikes.

The thicker wheel helps the rider maintain a fast riding pace when tackling the tougher parts of their ride.

In terms of design, this bike looks awesome. Its look will give you that extra bit of confidence as you ride. The way this bike is designed also provides the rider with extreme comfort and support as they ride.

The aluminum mountain frame and the powerful suspension absorb the force from every bump and thump the bike takes, letting you ride at your best whilst staying comfortable and safe.

The front and rear mechanical brakes on this gravel bike also provide a crisp stopping motion no matter what the weather or how tough the trail is.

This comes in handy when riding along unpredictable tracks where you don’t know what is ahead of you. 

The only downside to this bike is its weight. The bike weighs 39 pounds. If your biking up a serious incline with that extra weight, things could get hard. Your legs will definitely feel it.

If you’re an adrenaline junky planning some wild rides, then this could be the bike for you. 


  • Aluminum frame
  • 29-inch tires, 2.25-inch wide
  • Matte black and red in color
  • 24 gears


  • Easy gear change – You can change gears effortlessly on this bike.
  • Strong brakes – The bike’s strong brakes make it easies to brake safely and quickly. 
  • Great Design – The Schwinn looks fantastic.


  • Weight – This bike is very heavy. 


Mongoose Dolomite Bike

You probably get a good idea about what this bike is for from its name. The Dolomite bike made by Mongoose is an absolute beast of a bike.

The lightweight bike is perfect for conquering any off-road trail with ease. The bike’s supersized all-terrain tires and steel frame make it super easy to ride the easiest or toughest of biking routes.

For added speed and performance with this bike the strong, lightweight alloy rims help to keep the weight down. 

When you see this bike it is quite surprising just how lightweight it is. The bike looks bulky and heavy but it isn’t.

The lightweight design of this bike allows the rider to ride quicker and more comfortably with the bike absorbing all the pressure through its incredible tires and nimble frame.

To add to the rider’s comfort this bike is fitted with beach cruiser pedals. 

In terms of riding the bike effectively and safely this bike is up there with the very best. The disc brakes act strongly and quickly to ensure safe stopping.

Meanwhile, the seven-speed shifters make it easier to climb the nastiest of hills. On the topic of speed shifters. This gravel bike has twist shifters. These make it even easier to change gear whilst you ride.

The Dolomite bike is suitable for all terrains but we recommend it primarily for those of you that want to tackle rugged treks. If you are just looking for a gravel bike to ride on the roads this might not be the best option.


  • Supersized tires
  • Steel frame
  • Seven gears
  • Cruiser pedals
  • Lightweight alloy rims


  • Steel frame – The frame on this bike can take on any tough ride.
  • Huge tires – The huge tires on the Dolomite make it easy to tackle tougher terrains.
  • Multi-purpose – This bike can be used on any kind of surface.


  • Professional assembly – You need to assemble this bike. If you don’t have an extensive knowledge of bikes you may struggle.


Engwe Folding Electric Bike

The Engwe gravel bike is very different from the other bikes on this list but also a great option for the less serious bikers who just want to have fun and get out there.

At the higher end of your budget, the Engwe is an electric gravel bike that performs unbelievably well. 

The bike has a 48V 750W brushless gear motor that assists the rider in traveling up to 28mph. With the 48V/12.8A lithium battery also included in the bike you can expect to travel for more than 25 miles.

The lithium battery is easily removed to charge and can be left at home if you simply want to ride the bike rather than let the bike do the hard work for you. 

This smartly designed bike comes with an aluminum alloy frame, mechanical lock front suspension fork, and adjustable handlebar and seat to suit whoever is riding.

The fit for all-terrain tires is good for all trail environments. The tires are 20 inches in size.

With its efficient lightweight design, you can go for it on this bike anywhere. Even on the harshest of trails, this bike will work magnificently well and also provide you with support.

The soft seat and fat tires make your journey more comfortable and the 7-speed transmission system makes it easier to choose your speed.

If that wasn’t enough the front and rear disc brake on the Engwe fully protect your safety when riding. 

This is the perfect bike if you want to enjoy a variety of different types of biking in a relaxed and entertaining way. It’s also a pretty cool bike to show off to your friends. 


  • 48V 750W motor
  • 48V/12.8A lithium battery
  • 7-speed shifters
  • Aluminum frame
  • Foldable


  • Foldable – Being able to fold the bike makes it easier to transport it.
  • Easy to ride – The electric features make it possible for anybody to give adventure biking a go.  
  • Easily assembled – The bike comes 85% assembled. You simply need to finish it off which is straightforward to do.  


  • Expensive – This bike is a lot pricier than other bikes. It is worth its value though.


Tommaso Sentiero Gravel Adventure Bike

The Tommaso Sentiero gravel adventure bike has extra-wide tires and great disc brakes making it the perfect road or off-road bike.

The bike’s compact aluminum frame has been combined with SST steel forks to increase durability on and off the road. 

This lightweight aluminum bike allows you to ride with more flexibility and freedom than a heavier bike made out of titanium or steel.

With this bike, you will be able to tackle all your toughest biking routes and also ride in competitive road races. There are no limits to what this bike can do. 

The Tommaso Sentiero has impressive speed and performance features that are more than suitable for varying rugged terrain such as flat hills to rocky mountain climbs.

These features include a 3×8 Shimano Claris Groupset with a 30/39/50T crankset and 12x25T cassette. The 28 spoke rim and 700x 40 tires just add to the bike’s performance. 

This sleek-looking bike is also designed with the rider’s comfort in mind. Every part of the bike is produced for maximum comfort.

This includes premium handlebars, a soft seat, and a lightweight frame. These features guarantee whether you’re riding 5 miles or 50 miles you will be comfortable and enjoy riding. 


  • Aluminum frame
  • 700 x 40c tires
  • Matte black and red in color
  • 24 gears
  • Mechanical disc brakes


  • Lightweight – The weight of this bike makes it easier to ride up steep inclines.
  • Multi-purpose – You can ride this bike anywhere at any time.
  • Smart design – The Tomaso Sentierio looks awesome and feels amazing to ride.
  • Range of gears – There are over 24 gears to use. This gives you great control of the bike.


  • Assembly required – This is, unfortunately, another bike you will have to put together yourself. 


Huffy Stone Mountain Bike

The next gravel bike on the list is the Huffy Stone mountain bike. This excellent gravel bike is slightly smaller than other bikes to make it more suited to female riders.

The Huffy Stone bike is a great option for anybody looking for a good, solid, and more affordable outdoor bike. 

The durable steel frame and strong suspension forks absorb the pressure as you ride, making for a more comfortable, smoother ride.

The Shimano rear derailleur combines with the 21-speed twist shifters to help you quickly and efficiently tackle the most demanding uphill climbs.

Making the most of the gear changes available riders can also ride amazingly well downhill or on roads where maximum acceleration is wanted. 

This bike is also fitted with fantastic knobby tires and solid linear-pull handbrakes.

Together these features make it easier for you to weave through dirt tracks and avoid coming off the bike through the delivery of consistent stopping action. 

As if that wasn’t enough to ensure extra comfort whilst riding, the Huffy Stone is fitted with a premium padded ATB saddle and Kraton grips.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced beginner’s gravel bike, the Huffy Stone might be the bike for you. Expert riders might want to look at another bike on the list.


  • Steel frame
  • 21-speed shifters
  • 26-inch wheels
  • ATB saddle
  • Adjustable features


  • Twist shifting gears – Twist shifting gears make it easier to change gears when riding at pace. 
  • Affordable – This gravel bike is one of the most affordable on the market.
  • The perfect outdoor bike – The Huffy Stone mountain bike can be used for any type of bike riding. 


  • Smaller Bike – This bike isn’t suitable for taller individuals.


Schwinn High Timber Bike

The Schwinn High Timber bike is a brilliant off-road and road racing bike. Available in 12 different colors this bike looks stylish and performs exceptionally well.

This aluminum-framed bike is perfect for anybody wanting to ride along dirt track trails or ride around their neighborhood with friends and family. 

This bike comes with 21 twist shifting gears, making it nice and easy for you to control your speed as you ride.

The durable alloy wheels have wide knobby tires to add stability and durability to the bike whilst the lightweight feature makes it a lot easier to get up those unforgiving hills.

Schwinn has put a lot of focus on the smoothness and safety of the ride when using this brake. The 27.5-inch wheels and effective brake discs add great stability and consistent precision stopping to this bike.

This gives you the opportunity to go hard when your biking because you know the bike will brake quickly and safely and you’ll always feel comfortable. 

This bike is one of the best all-around bikes on this list so if you want a gravel bike that can do anything this is a good option. 


  • 12 colors
  • 27.5-inch wheels
  • Aluminum frame
  • 21 gear shifters
  • Knobby tires
  • Front and rear linear-pull brakes


  • Lightweight – Being lightweight makes the bike easier to use and more comfortable to ride. 
  • Twisting gears – Quickly and easily change gear without your riding being affected.
  • Great bike for any level of biker – It doesn’t matter if you are an expert biker or a complete beginner, this bike is great for anyone.   


  • Low sitting handlebars – The handlebars on this bike sit quite low. This could be an issue for taller riders.  


Vilano Gravel Bike

The Vilano is a versatile bike suitable for riding in busy cities, gravel trails, and rocky mountain tracks which makes it perfect for beginners.

With this bike, you can rest assured that you will learn how to ride a gravel bike effectively and in no time at all. This is thanks to how easy the bike is to ride. 

The bike has an integrated brake lever and gear shifters in one unit, giving you more control over your braking and gear changing when riding.

This will help you ride quicker and safer, always ensuring you can come to a smooth, yet abrupt stop if you need to.

The wheelset on this bike is 700c x 38c and the bike uses mechanical disc brakes. This helps make the bike more stable.

Despite the Vilano being an impressive performance bike that performs phenomenally well on mud and gravel trails, it does have one minor downside.

This bike is somewhat narrow at the front. By being so narrow at the front this bike can get a little uncomfortable on longer rides.

This minor setback doesn’t impact how good the bike is but it could be something you may want to consider.

Overall the Vilano is a great beginner’s bike that will get you riding successfully in no time at all. 


  • The bike is black in color
  • 14 gears
  • 700c x 38c wheels
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Integrated brake lever and gear shifters
  • Aluminum frame


  • Hybrid bike – The Vilano is a versatile bike.
  • Great beginner bike – This gravel bike is the perfect bike to learn on.
  • Everyday use – This bike is also a great option for everyday commuter journeys.


  • Narrow at the front – This can make the bike uncomfortable to ride on longer rides.


Hiland Road Bike

It’s about time we had a gravel bike on this list that is more suited to road racing rather than off-road riding. Although this bike still has good performance off-road it was designed primarily to ride on the road. 

This road racing bike is an aluminum-enforced commuter and city gravel bike. The ultra-light aluminum frame and inner wiring help make this bike a comfortable ride in the city.

One great thing we love about this bike is the variety of sizes it is available in. You can purchase the Hiland bike in three different sizes.

This is brilliant because it gives everyone the chance to find the bike that is better suited to them. 

The sizes the bike comes in are as follows:

  • Small – 5’3” to 5’6”
  • Medium – 5’7” to 6’
  • Large – 6’ to 6’4”

Despite being primarily designed with road racing in mind, conveniently the wheels on this bike are 700c.

This feature along with the 21 gear options and reliable front and rear brake discs also makes this bike a good off-road bike. You can take this bike along a dirt track and through the mountains pretty well.

The strong brakes, comfortability of the bike, and its flexible nature make it easy to make sharp turns, small jumps, and come to a halt effectively. 

This bike is a good option for you if you are looking for a gravel bike that can get you from A to B but still give you some adventures with your friends. It is another good beginner bike.


  • Three different sizes
  • Three different colors
  • 700c wheels
  • 21 gears
  • Aluminum frame
  • Tool kit included


  • Three different sizes – Gives you a great chance of finding the bike that suits you.
  • Commuter bike – This bike is the perfect road bike to ride through the city.
  • Off-road riding – Although this bike is designed for road riding, it also performs very well off-road.
  • Pre-assembled – Always an added bonus.


  • Limited Off-road performance – The bike performs well off-road but other more specialized bikes perform better. You can’t do as much on this bike. 


Mongoose Men’s Elroy Adventure Bike

It would be rude not to put another Mongoose adventure bike on this list. This gravel bike features a sleek alloy frame and strong steel frame to give you one of the best riding experiences possible.

It isn’t very common that you find a bike that has it all but this bike does. It looks amazing, has incredible functionality, and provides high-quality stability. 

This bike is suitable for both beginners and expert riders. Beginner riders will be thrilled with the bike’s performance and expert bikers will be able to push themselves to their limits to get that buzz.

The Elroy has an integrated micro shift/brake lever and mechanical disc brakes. This helps keep each ride smooth and ensures the best stability when turning tight corners or riding over rocky trails. 

This gravel bag also includes some pretty neat features that give the rider an even better experience.

Aside from being comfortable to ride the Elroy has a variety of storage compartments and holders which are ideal for any full day of adventuring.

There is space for up to three water bottles and a frame bag where you can store anything you might need for the day.

This is an excellent touch and just something else that makes this the perfect adventure touring bike.


  • Steel frame
  • Storage space
  • 29-inch wheels
  • 14 gears
  • Navy blue in color


  • Steel frame – Good strong quality material that makes the bike more stable and durable.
  • Storage space included – The additional storage space included is a nice touch.
  • High-quality brakes – Precise and effective stopping action.
  • Stylish design – The Elroy looks awesome. 


  • The number of gear changes – Other bikes have more gear changes available.  


Dynacraft 26” Slick Rock Trail Bike

The last gravel bike on this list is the Dynacraft Slick rock trail bike. This bike is the ideal ride for those of you who want to go on long road rides with your family or get off the beaten track to take on some rugged landscapes.

This gravel bike includes a full suspension frame designed to eat up any bumps or bashes.

Available in black, white, and purple, with this bike you are guaranteed to make an impression and stand out from the crowd.

The Dynacraft features a 21-speed derailleur and Shimano grip shifters that help to make any serious incline look and feel like nothing.

Top-of-the-range brakes are always important to any bike, especially when you find yourself off-roading.

This bike delivers well on this front. The front and rear v-brakes make safe and solid stops to assist you when coming to a halt or descending down a hill. 

It isn’t just the performance of this gravel bike that is impressive. The Dynacraft bike is also super comfortable to ride.

The frame and 26-inch wheels absorb the pressure from bouncing over rocks to keep you riding strong and comfortably.

The padded saddle stops you from getting sore and the handy kickstand makes it easy to stop and have a break. 

With this model of a gravel bike, we really don’t know what else you could ask for. It is suitable for all types of riding, looks great, and feels comfortable to ride. What more could you possibly need.  


  • Available in black
  • 26-inch wheels
  • 21-speed shifters
  • Shimano grips
  • Premium saddle


  • Great off-roading bike – Tackle any rugged trails or dirt tracks with this bike.
  • Variety of gears – Control your speed with 21 gears.
  • Solid brakes – The brake stops you quickly and safely. This is important when riding tricky terrain.


  • Only one size – This bike only comes in one size. Taller bike riders may find the Dynacraft too small. 

Best Gravel Bikes Under $2000 Buying Guide

Gravel bikes are a serious investment no matter what you spend so you should always take some serious considerations before making your final decision.

If you are still unsure which bike to go for or simply don’t know what to look for then hopefully this buyer’s guide can help you.

n this buyer’s guide, we have included some of the key factors you should think about when doing your own research and choosing the best gravel bike for you.

Once you have thought about these key factors and compared them to your own criteria, you’ll be in a much better position to make a decision that you believe is the best one for you.

The 12 Best Gravel Bikes Under $2000


Arguably the most important thing to consider when looking to buy a gravel bike is the size of it. The size of your gravel bike is important because you need to be able to ensure you can successfully get on and off the bike without falling off. 

If you are too small for the bike you won’t be able to get off. If you’re too big for the bike your balance will be terrible. 

The size of the gravel bike is dependent on your height. Obviously the bigger you are the bigger the bike you need.

Some gravel bikes have a wide range of options available when it comes to size which is excellent because it will provide you with a much more comfortable experience.

Other models of gravel bikes only offer one or two size options which will mean you need to adjust the bike before using it to avoid discomfort. 


The durability of a bike is crucial, especially when you consider how much you are paying for the bike and what you are using it for.

The last thing you want to do is buy a gravel bike that starts to fall apart on you after just a few uses. Gravel bikes are designed for rough, heavy impact riding so most of them are built with this in mind.

A high-standard gravel bike should be able to handle constant heavy impact activity for years. 

The best way to ensure you purchase a durable gravel bike is to look for one made out of durable materials. The best result will be a bike made out of aluminum or steel.

These two materials are lightweight and strong so your bike will be able to withstand all weather conditions and tough surfaces without getting damaged or rusting.

The more expensive bikes will be made out of aluminum whilst the cheaper bikes will be made out of steel.

Riding Surfaces

The next thing you really need to consider when finding the best gravel bike is the surfaces you are going to be riding on.

If you want a gravel bike to ride on extremely tough terrains, then buying one that has lots of speed settings will make sure you have greater control over the bike.

This reduces the risk of you coming off the bike and injuring yourself and also decreases the chances of you damaging your bike.

Alternatively, if you are going to be using the bike on normal terrains such as a road you may not require thicker tires or as many speed settings. Thinking about this a lot will help you find the bike you need. 


Finally, your budget is another key factor you need to consider. In this list, we have put together the best gravel bikes under $2000 with prices varying depending on the quality of the bike and the number of features included.

For those with a smaller budget, you might have to sacrifice some features like additional speed gears to get the bike that fits your budget.

Luckily for us, gravel bikes have relatively straightforward designs so you can always make changes that suit you better further down the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gravel bikes worth it?

Yes, gravel bikes are totally worth it. If you are planning on riding in difficult terrains or along tricky tracks a gravel bike is ideal.

They are designed to withstand tough conditions that come with rugged terrains. Having said this if you only want a bike for your regular relaxed commute to work, it probably isn’t worth the extra money.

Why do gravel bikes have drop handles?

One of the most noticeable differences between a normal bike and a gravel bike is the drop handles. Drop handles provide stability and control when riding over unpredictable terrain, especially when a rider is riding at speed.

The bars on a gravel bike tend to be wider with a flared drop. This should provide the rider with a more comfortable riding position.

Why are gravel bikes more expensive than standard bikes?

Gravel bikes tend to be more expensive than normal bikes because they are made using premium engineering and expensive materials. These bikes are commonly made out of carbon fiber, aluminum, and sealant tires.

From a cost point of view, these materials are rather expensive. Gravel bikes are also a more specialized piece of equipment and as we are all aware most specialized models of a product cost a little bit more. 

What makes a gravel bike different?

The main difference between a standard bike and a gravel bike is in its frame geometry. Gravel bikes have a longer wheelbase, slacker headtube, and lower bottom bracket.

Gravel bikes also use flared drop bars which are slightly wider. It is these differences that make a gravel bike more stable on rougher terrains and easier to control.    


Riding a gravel bike can be entertaining for everybody. Whether you’re having a leisurely bike ride through the woods or tackling the toughest of mountain passes, there is something in riding that everybody can enjoy.

Some of us may like the adrenaline rush whilst others just want to keep fit and ride with their friends. Either way no matter how you want to ride there is a gravel bike out there for you. 

There is a wide range of bikes on the market, all offering something different. Most bikes do however come with bigger wheels, solid brakes, lightweight frames, and a range of different gears.

These features make it easier to ride a gravel bike on rugged terrain or in road races. Although finding the best gravel bike is difficult, we have done the hard work for you. 

Now you have this list, it is down to you to narrow the list down and find the bike that suits you best. Just remember to think about what you need the bike for and where you are going to be using it.

Once you have purchased a gravel bike you will be having the adventures of a lifetime before you know it so be sure to give it a go. Good luck!