About Us

Hiya, Mike here, the brains (and brawn) behind OK Freewheel. OK Freewheel is my awesome internet area where I can talk everyone’s ears off (or write everyone’s eyes off?) to my heart’s content about all things bike-related! 

I’ve been a keen cyclist for as long as I can remember. I bike for sports, I bike for fun, I bike competitively, and I bike as a means of transport. 

All this biking has given me masses of bike-related knowledge. I have tried out every type of bike under the sun, and have also tried so many pieces of biking gear and equipment.

“Good for you” you might be thinking, “what has this got to do with my biking journey?”. Well, my years and years of experience have put me in the best possible position to advise other people on biking. 

I am so passionate about what I do that I just adore sharing all the tidbits of knowledge I’ve learned over the years, as well as answering any of your burning bike-related questions

I also wanted a little online space to share reviews, after wishing there’d been a place for equipment reviews all those years ago when I first started biking. So, that’s where the idea for OK Freewheel came from! 

On my website, you will find everything from answers to your beginners-biking questions to product reviews, and even round-ups of the best bikes and equipment. Hey, if this website will encourage a beginner to get on a bike, or will reignite the passion for biking in someone, I will consider it a job well done!

So, whether you want to know what to wear cycling, or whether you are wondering if you can outrun a bear on your bike, or even if you just want to know the best cycling sandals, OK Freewheel has got it all. 

Happy reading, happy riding…