Are Dahon Folding Bikes Good?

As the largest seller of bikes in North America, it is safe to say that Dahon is very popular among cyclists. But before we go into why Dahon Folding Bikes are considered to be one of the best on the market, let’s look into why folding bikes are so appealing.

Firstly, they are convenient. The collapsable nature of these bikes means they are perfect for people who do part of their commute via train, handy for racing from platform to platform, and lugging up flights of stairs.

But they are not only a great help for commuters, but those with limited space too.

If you live in a studio apartment, a folding bike makes it easier to store your bike away and create more room, and their convenient storage is perfect for those who like to vacation in RVs.

Taking a folding bike with you on a bike tour is also convenient, as it gives you more versatility and options for mixing modes of transport.

Some manufacturers design their folding bikes with this in mind, providing plenty of luggage provision and wide tires.

But why choose a Dahon folding bike in particular? Well, for one they’re lightweight. Through state-of-the-art technology, Dahon is optimizing the weight of their bikes. 

Dahon’s lightweight models are made from carbon, magnesium, and most importantly titanium with patented aluminum alloys.

Their lightest bike only weighs 19.4lbs, while most conventional bikes weigh around 30-35lbs.

Furthermore, Dahon folding bikes are compact in every class. From 16” to 26” models Dahon bikes fold neatly into transport rectangles with no protruding parts and are easy to store.

For example, a 16” Dahon folding bike can be folded into the size of a shopping bag and fits under a bus seat or an airline luggage bin.

Meanwhile, two 16” and two 20” can fold up to fit into the trunk of most midsize cars.

Are Dahon Folding Bikes Worth it?

As well as specializing in folding bikes, Dahon is also incredibly budget-friendly.

For a high-performing bike without breaking the bank, we recommend the Dahon Mariner. It can fold into 25.6” (height) x 31.1” (width) x 12.6” (depth). It weighs 26lbs and only takes an incredible 15 seconds to fold. 

Dahon Mariner

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Where are Dahon Bikes Made?

Dahon manufactures its bikes for the North American market in Shenzhen, China.

Meanwhile, another facility near Beijing manufactures bikes for the Chinese market which is a rapidly growing market for the US-based company.

However, from 2012 as part of a significant supply chain overhaul, the bikes manufactured for the European market have been made in Bulgaria as part of a partnership with Maxcom Ltd.

These bikes are made at an ISO 9001:2008-certified facility in Plovdiv that specializes in manufacturing bicycles and is the home of state-of-the-art machining technology and modern quality inspection equipment.

Which Dahon Folding Bike is Best?

The Mariner D7 is a versatile folding bike with all the features you would expect. It is lightweight and compact, as well as having a sturdy frame and a 7-speed drivetrain, rear rack, and fenders.

It also looks great too with a coating that is not only sleek but rust-resistant. All of this is possible without breaking the bank!

Dahon Mariner D7

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  • Dahon Speed Uno: 

A single-speed folder is ideal for those living in a densely populated urban area. Its smooth clean design is free from cables, and shifters, and you can use the coaster brake only.

It is also incredibly lightweight and can be folded into a small, compact size which makes it easy to carry around.

This is one of the most popular models from Dahon and frequently sells out. But it’s worth the wait for it to be back in stock.

The Mariner D8 is made from Dahon’s Dally Sonus Tubeset and includes a Lattice forged hinge made with its Vicegrip technology.

This bike also has 20” wheels, V-Brakes, and an 8-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain as well as a rear rack and full-coverage fenders. However, this bike is not so easy to assemble.

Dahon Mariner D8

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  • Dahon IOS D9: 

The 24” wheels and tires on this bike make it perfect for those who have a long commute.

As well as having larger wheels, the IOS D9 has a 9-speed Shimano Alvio drivetrain, an 11-32 Trear block, and a 53T chainring for those of you who like to go fast.

But the mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors help you to avoid any collisions if you need to come to a sudden stop.

However, the large wheels do mean the bike isn’t as compact as others. But it is still compact enough to fit under a desk, and only takes 20 seconds to fold.

It is also still lightweight and is easy to lug up and down a train platform. However, another drawback is that it doesn’t come with a rack or fenders.

Which is Better? Dahon or Brompton?

Brompton is easily Dahon’s biggest rival, as they are both the biggest folding bike manufacturers in the world. But which brand is better?

We’ll compare the Dahon Speed Uno and the Brompton S1E to see if we can find the answer.

Firstly, the S1E is a more compact folding bike than the Speed Uno. The folded size of the Brompton is 22.2” x 21.5” x 9.8” and weighs 22.4lbs while the Dahon is 30.3” 25.2” x 11.8” and weighs 24.2lbs.

While many cyclists choose Brompton because of its high-quality engineering and attention to detail, the Dahon is also very sturdily built.

Furthermore, the Brompton’s folding mechanism uses outdated clamps and bolts, which leaves it falling behind the fast-release, lattice-forged hinge, and ViceGrip technology of the Dahon.

Plus, the Dahon uses drawn 4130 Chromoly steel that is 60% stronger than high-tensile steel.

But while Brompton is more compact, this comes at the cost of a better riding experience.

The 16-inch wheels on the Brompton are no match for the 20-inch wheels of the Dahon.

If you plan on using your bike for commuting to work, then we wouldn’t recommend Brompton as it is designed for short trips.

Still, it is great for multi-modal commuting as you can bring it onto any train or bus.

Some customers have even reported being able to successfully bring their Brompton bikes on airplanes too, but of course, this is not guaranteed.

However, Brompton bikes are one of the more expensive folding bikes on the market. The average price of a Brompton bike is the same average price of 2-3 Dahon bikes.

It is difficult to say which bike is better, as both of them have qualities and drawbacks and whether one is better than the other will depend on the customer’s preferences.

This is why it’s important to choose a bike based on what factors are a priority to you.

If you require a bike that can fold up into a compact size, then Brompton is the best choice. However, if you require a bike for longer journeys then the Dahon is better.

However, Dahon is the biggest manufacturer of folding bikes and this is evident in the more advanced frames and folding mechanisms.

It is always recommended to test out different brands of bikes before you make a purchase.

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