Best Bike Trails In Maryland

Maryland is filled with pleasant bike trails for those who are advanced riders, or beginners. Whether you’re after some fresh air and breathtaking scenery, or a casual ride while taking in some state history, there are bike trails to meet the needs of everyone!

Best Bike Trails In Maryland

The weather in Maryland is also pretty mild year-round, meaning you can enjoy these bike trails throughout the entire year!

This article will be providing you with a list of some of the best bike trails in Maryland, so check the air in your tires, tighten your helmet, and take a pick from one of the following options!

Great Allegheny Passage

Featured in National Geographic’s ‘Top Ten Fall Trips In The World’ is the Great Allegheny Passage.

This 159-mile trail is breathtakingly beautiful and runs from Cumberland to Pittsburgh. The journey is mostly flat, so you won’t need to worry about any strenuous patches.

This trail will take you through valleys, mountains, and some amazing rivers, such as the Monongahela and Casselman rivers.

You’ll also be taken through several trail towns, where you’ll find an array of quaint little bed and breakfasts along with restaurants, cafés, and festivals throughout the year – turn your bike trail into a little vacation!

The Chesapeake And Ohio Canal

This biker’s paradise trail runs for 184 miles from Cumberland to Washington, DC. Along this trail you can enjoy bird watching, immersing yourself in history, and some mule-drawn barge rides!

Like the option above, you can definitely turn this bike trail into a vacation, as you’ll be passing through campsites, visitor centers, and canal towns where you can take part in activities such as whitewater adventures!

Baltimore And Annapolis Trail (B&A)

The Baltimore and Annapolis trail will exercise your body and mind, as you’ll learn some interesting historical facts along the way while pedaling to your heart’s content!

The 13-mile trail even passes through the Marley Station shopping mall, so those in need of some retail therapy during their bike ride can satisfy their needs.

For the history buffs, the trail has historical markers jotted along in alphabetical order. For example, mile 0.1 has the A marker, which is the Winchester Station House.

Then, at mile 13.3 you’ll see the Z marker, which is the Sawmill Branch, which provided the area with water and powder in the 18th century.

Aside from bursting with history, this trail is beautiful and picturesque, making it the perfect option for those who want a scenic trail while learning about the history of the area.

Green Ridge State Forest

Green Ridge State Forest, is the largest block of public land in the whole of Maryland, at 49,000 acres, so it seems only fair that we include it in this list.

This forest is highly looked after, with the Department of Natural Resources Forest Service working to protect the forest by conserving the natural ecological processes. Therefore, you can be assured that this forest is a true beauty.

This trail is definitely one for those who are looking for a good workout, as the bike trails here are known as one of the best mountain biking trails in Maryland.

You can enjoy the open trails, or head to the 12-mile Mountain Bike Trail, where you’ll come across steep inclines and fast descents.

Cross Island Trail

This light and easy 6-mile trail is perfect for families. It runs from east to west of Kent Island in Queen Anne’s County and has a number of great stopping points.

It begins at Terrapin Nature Park, where you’ll be able to witness a variety of wildlife and plant life, which is perfect if you’ve got young children with you.

You’ll then be taken through shaded, canopied forests where you’ll be able to enjoy some breathtaking scenic views.

Within the first mile, you’ll also come across Old Love Point Park, which is a recreational area with soccer and baseball fields. If your little ones are in need of a break, they can enjoy these areas, and you can play a family game!

Fort Washington Park

Fort Washington was built to defend Washington, DC. Here you can enjoy pedaling through the stone fort that’s been standing for over 200 years!

You can also experience some artillery demonstrations and reenactments, as well as visit Fort Foote Park, where you’ll see the Potomac River and wonderful wildlife.

Seneca Creek State Park

Seneca Creek State Park offers 50 miles of biking trails along Seneca Creek and Clopper Lake, which is surrounded by greenery and fields.

You’re also able to go for picnics, hire a boat, and visit a tire playground, all perfect if you’re embarking on this trail as a family.

You’ll also have the opportunity to go horseback riding! This is the perfect day out for your family vacation.

Gwynns Falls Trail

Located in Baltimore City, the 15-mile Gwynns Falls trail comes with an App that’ll guide you through the journey!

The trail will take you through a beautiful Greenway park along the Gwynns Falls stream valley, introducing you to one of the biggest woodland parks in Eastern USA – Leakin Parks and Gwynns Falls.

These parks are 1200 acres and are home to 20 miles of beautiful paths for hiking and biking.

This option is perfect for those who’d love to experience all aspects of the outdoors, such as picnics, bird watching, fishing in the stream, and so forth!

Centennial Park

Having won awards for its design and respect for nature, Centennial Park has a 54-acre man-made lake, and you can bike around all 2.6 miles of it!

You’ll also encounter some interesting wildlife, such as beavers, foxes, herons, and white-tailed deer.

While there are many flat paths, there are also several areas with hills that’ll really give you a good workout on your bike! Therefore, these areas are best suited to riders with a little more experience.

You’ll also come across several picnic areas, boats you can rent, and some basketball courts in case you need a little break from your ride.

St. Mary’s River State Park

St. Mary’s River State Park offers a single-track dirt trail that is perfect if you’re a fan of mountain biking. This track is shared with hikers and horseback riders, so you can also choose to take part in one of these activities too.

The trail is 7.5 miles long, and runs around the lake where you can take part in freshwater fishing and bird watching – some of the best in the entire state!

Rockburn Skills Park

This option is for the adrenaline junkies who have quite a bit of cycling experience behind their belts.

Here, you’ll find a pump track, a mountain bike, and a BMX course that is packed with dirt mounds, jumps, and hills.

There is also an uphill, rock-filled bike trail, as well as three courses for riders of different skills.

Gunpowder Falls State Park – Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail

The Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail inside Gunpowder Falls State Park consists of a stone trail that runs for 19.7 miles along the old Northern Central Railway, to the border of Pennsylvania.

Here you will pass little historic communities such as Ashland, Phoenix, Monkton, and Freeland. You’ll also be sharing this trail with horseback riders, so you can watch these beauties trot by.

Pets on leashes are allowed, so you’re more than welcome to bring the family dog along with you!

Jones Falls Trail

This trail in Baltimore is perfect for families. There are a variety of sites along the trail, such as a farmers market (open on Sunday Mornings only), a Streetcar Museum, and Maryland Zoo!

This is perfect if you’ve got little ones with you, and you’d like to keep their minds interested and entertained.

While the bike trail is relatively hilly, none exceeds 5% grade. You’ll also experience a mix of nature and urban sceneries, with the first part of the train allowing you to see Baltimore’s prison.

After this urban area, you’ll be wandering through beautiful dense woods and gardens, perfect for all nature lovers.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen in this list, Maryland is filled with bike trails in all areas that are accessible for bikers of all experience levels.

Many are located in areas that have some beautiful sceneries, and many offer activities that you can take part in when you want a break from riding, such as soccer fields, baseball fields, and museums.

Several trails on this list also offer historical information on the background of the particular area, which is perfect for educating younger children and having something to offer for those who enjoy learning about history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Maryland?

Maryland is a state that is located in the Middle Atlantic region of the east of America. This state is home to many cities such as Annapolis, Baltimore, Silver Spring, and Waldorf.

Is Maryland Bike-Friendly?

There are many bike trails in Maryland, both paved and unpaved, as you’ve seen in this list, making the state of Maryland very bike-friendly.

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