Best Bike Trails In Michigan

Enter your text Whether you want to go for a gentle cycle or an exciting off-road biking adventure, Michigan has got you covered.

This state has it all, from meandering rivers and serene lakes to quiet forests and winding trails. You’ve just got to know where to find them. Fortunately for you, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of the best bike trails in Michigan suitable for all skill levels and ages, ideal for families and solo bikers alike. Here are the best bike trails in Michigan!


Best Bike Trails In Michigan

Ann Arbor Ramble Trail 

Gallup Lake Park, Ann Arbor, Michigan Difficulty: EasyLocated near Ann Arbor, the Ann Arbor Ramble trail is a 9.5 kilometer loop trail that is ideal for beginners, families, and advanced bikers who want a relaxed trail.

When walking, this trail takes about 1 hour and 43 minutes – but this is likely to be much shorter when cycling, so you can afford to go around the trail twice. The terrain of this trail is mostly paved asphalt, but riders must be aware that some parts of the trail are not well-maintained, so you might come across bumps, cracks, and stones. Make sure to bring a tire kit in case of emergency. This is a fairly popular trail thanks to its location around Gallup Lake, meaning people come here to enjoy the views and participate in water sports.

If you feel like being sporty after completing the trail, you can rent a kayak and explore the lake. Plus, you can bring dogs on this trail. However, to respect the privacy of others on the popular trail (who may be birdwatching or walking), dogs must be kept on a leash.

Mackinac Island Outer Loop 

Mackinac Island, Michigan Difficulty: EasyMackinac Island is an essential visit for anyone living in or visiting Michigan. If you’re a budding hiker or biker, then you need to check out the outer loop trail.

This is a 12.9 kilometer loop trail that takes about 2 hours and 21 minutes to complete (though potentially faster on a bike).

The best time to go is in the off-peak times of the day, as the trail is popular amongst trail runners, hikers, and road bikers. The outer loop trail takes you through some of the highlights of the island, including the stunning sea landscape, forests that offer nice shade, and even the old Fort Holmes battlements.

The battlements are a great place to stop and learn about the local history, so make sure to bring your camera. This is a great trail for beginners thanks to its well-maintained and flat paved road, but the length means that newbies might need a few extra breaks. The trail is accessible to those in wheelchairs and dogs are allowed as long as they stay on a leash.

Huron Sunrise Trail

Michigan 49779Difficulty: Easy Located near Rogers City, the Huron Sunrise trail is the best way to experience the rising sun over the glorious Lake Huron.

This trail is 11.1 miles long and is ideal for road biking, running, skateboarding, and even rollerblading thanks to the flat paved ground. It’s even ideal for a gentle yet long walk. While the trail is 11.1 miles long, it’s not a loop, so you can spend as long as you like exploring. Connecting Rogers City to Hoeft State Park, you will see everything from parks, streams, upland hardwoods, and of course, the shoreline of Lake Huron. As the name suggests, one of the best times to complete this trail is as the sun begins to rise.

This is also the quietest time, which is ideal for avoiding groups of walkers – although this is a fairly quiet trail even in the busiest periods.

Alternatively, go in the evening to watch the sunset and eat a cool ice cream to end the day!

Fred Meijer White Pine Trail

Fred Meijer White Pine Trail

Fred Meijer White Pine State Park, Big Rapids, Michigan

Difficulty: Easy to intermediate If you’re a lover of long trails, you’ll love the Fred Meijer White Pine trail. This trail starts in Comstock park (just north of the Grand Rapids) all the way to Cadillac, making for 92 miles of glorious trail.

It’s got a mixture of everything – from smooth paved roads to rocky terrain, making it ideal for beginners and intermediate bikers alike. A lot of the trail is covered with asphalt for safety reasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go slightly off-road with your bike. Just be aware that the DNR will only come for emergency services on the linear, on-road parts of the trail. The best thing about this trail is its diversity. You will see everything from dense woodlands and farmlands to even the West Michigan Whitecaps Stadium, home to a minor league baseball team.

As this is such a long trail to explore, you can improvise as much as you like. If you want to bring dogs, make sure they’re on a leash.

Kent Lake Loop 

Kensington Metropolitan Park, Milford, Michigan Difficulty: Easy If you’re looking for a relaxed and fairly straightforward trail to road bike on, check out the Kent Lake Loop. This loop trail is 13.7 kilometers long and typically takes about 2 hours and 43 minutes to complete, depending on your bike speed. This loop trail is pretty popular amongst locals, who will also be road biking, walking, skating, snowshoeing in winter, trail running, and even kayaking on the lake.

As the name suggests, this trail is a loop around the charming Kent Lake, making for a scenic and atmospheric trail. You’ll want to take a couple of stops to enjoy the natural beauty of the lake, so make sure to bring snacks and a camera. Dogs are welcome on a leash and this trail is completely free to enter.

Maybury State Park Paved Trail

Maybury State Park, Michigan Difficulty: Easy and intermediateLocated near the city of Northville is Maybury State Park, a popular state park known for its paved trail.

This trail is a 7.6 kilometer loop that takes about an hour and a half to complete, making it ideal for novice road bikers.

It’s most commonly visited by walkers, families, trail runners, road bikers, and those walking their dogs (on a leash). The trail itself is actually slightly hilly, venturing through woodlands and ponds, which is nice for beginners and intermediate bikers who want more than a flat trail.

If you want more of a challenge, there are plenty of unpaved winding paths leading off the trail that are ideal for thrill seekers. If you like to have a rest along the trail, there are plenty of picnic benches and spots to take a break. As this is a fairly popular hike, road bikers who like to go fast might want to visit during off-peak times to avoid the crowds.

Paint Creek Trail

Northeast Oakland County, MichiganDifficulty: Easy As the name suggests, the Paint Creek trail follows the Paint Creek, meandering through a plethora of meadows, fields, woodland, prairies, and marshlands.

The trail is about 8.9 miles long and features a flat 8-foot-wide paved road to be enjoyed throughout the year. The length and safety of the trail makes it ideal for beginner road bikers, trail runners, and even just walkers. Based predominantly amongst woodland, this is the ideal trail for spotting local wildlife, including deer and a range of birds. The trail ends at Rochester, leading onto the optional Rochester River Walk if you wish to continue.

Iron Belle Trail

Ironwood to Belle Isle Park, Michigan Difficulty: Intermediate If you want a long trail to tackle, look no further than the Iron Belle trail. This trail spans across the state, consisting of two routes – one for hiking and one for biking – that continue for over 2,000 miles.

Of course, you can’t imagine completing this trail in a day, but it’s certainly a good challenge for a weekend getaway. The trail itself is only about 70% completed, so there’s plenty of opportunity to explore some of the surrounding woodlands off-trail.

Thanks to the size of the trail, you will see everything from towns and cities to forest, rivers, and everything in between. Definitely the ideal trail for nature lovers.

Tawas Bay Pedestrian And Bike Path

Tawas Bay Pedestrian And Bike Path

Iosco, Michigan Difficulty: Easy Part of the Iron Belle trail is the Tawas Bay Pedestrian and Bike Path, a family-friendly trail that is ideal for exploring on the weekend.

This is a scenic route following US 23 to the shore of Lake Huron’s Tawas Bay, lasting approximately 6.5 miles. The most peaceful part of the trail is the southwestern area, and it gets busier towards Tawas city. This is a great place to stop for food and sightseeing, but not if you want to complete the trail quickly.


So, there you have it! Michigan is filled with endless trails for biking (as well as hiking and running), ideal for any and all skill levels. Happy biking!

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