Best Cruiser Bikes For Women

The classic cruiser bike shape is easily the most recognizable form of the bike across the world. Such bikes are designed to promote good posture and to be pedaled in a comfortable and relaxed position.

The handlebar is placed slightly higher than you would see on a sports bike, and this allows for the rider to sit upright and simply cruise about.

However, with cruiser bikes being so popular and so iconic, it means that there are thousands of options for the perfect cruiser bike to choose from, and choosing just one can be incredibly difficult.

There are many things that need to be considered when choosing the perfect cruising bike, and these can further complicate the choosing process. Choosing the perfect cruiser bike can even be affected by gender!

Are you a woman looking for the perfect cruiser bike that will allow you to comfortably cycle all about and look good while doing it? If so, then you have definitely come to the best place for answers.

Read on below to find out what are some of the best cruiser bikes you can pick up today, and what makes each one unique!


The Priority Coast

The Priority Coast


Six Three Zero Around The Block

Six Three Zero Around The Block


Linus Dutchi 1

Linus Dutchi 1


The Priority Coast

The Priority Coast

If you’re going to ride a cruiser bike around town, you might as well pick one that looks simply amazing. The Priority Coast model bike is easily one of the best bikes we have ever laid our eyes on.

The bike features a beautifully curved frame that appears soft on the eyes, and that gives it a slightly dreamy and classical look.

This commitment to appearances also extends down to the color palette of the bike.

There are multiple color variations on this bike to try out, each of which boasts a beautiful color combination that is bound to draw attention and awe.

Striking color palettes, such as the jet-black variety have a very impactful appearance which makes them amazing to see out and about, while more subtly colored models, such as the turquoise variety appear very beautiful.

Easily our favorite model is the white and brown variety. The clean white look of the frame contrasts beautifully against the striking and classically-styled brown accents along the length of the wheels, seat, and handlebars.

However, this bike isn’t just about good looks, as it is also an incredibly well-engineered bicycle the likes of which you cannot find anywhere else.

The bike itself features a very lightweight frame, so you don’t have to worry about any difficulty moving it about from one location to the next between rides. This also makes it easier to bring with you on public transport.

The light frame also means that the bike is much easier to ride, as it practically feels like it is gliding through the air. We were amazed at just how smooth the riding experience felt on this bike.

This is further helped by the bearings within the bike, which help to keep everything gliding smoothly.

And you also don’t have to worry about your chains being worn down over time, as the chain on this bike is completely rust-proof and sturdy.

And just because the frame is light, does not mean that it is fragile. The Priority coast bike has been designed with rust-proof aluminum that will not be adversely affected by the weather or any harsh conditions while riding about.

This even extends through to the tires which feature puncture-resistant technology, which helps to prevent accidental or catastrophic punctures while trying to ride about and relax.

This makes it a truly competitive bike model, as it is able to achieve many things that some other bikes simply cannot.

And, of course, this bike also comes with all of the usual things you would expect from a modern and truly functional cruiser bike, including a double kickstand, two brakes within quick access, and comfortably placed handlebars.

It would be easy to ride this bike around for hours at a time without ever once growing tired or strained.


  • A beautiful bike with a very classically-styled design. This bike looks amazing when you ride it and looks amazing no matter where you take it.
  • This bike is incredibly sturdy, thanks to its high-quality materials, as well as its modern tires and chain which don’t degrade at the same rate as their standard counterparts
  • Features weather-proofing materials that keep the bike from rusting, and keep it looking amazing for many more rides yet to come.


  • The Priority Coast is incredibly pricey, so you should be sure that it is worth the cost before you purchase.
  • If the tires ever do need replacing, you may need to pay a premium to have them replaced with the puncture-resistant variety.


Six Three Zero Around The Block

Six Three Zero Around The Block

This bike has a very appropriate name, as it is perfect for riding around the block, or any longer distances you may want to travel!

If you’ve never owned your own cruiser bike before, and you want the perfect beginner bike, then this is easily the best one for you. 

This bike is designed for comfortable riding to make smaller and less intense journeys, unlike sports or mountain bikes. However, this does not mean that this particular bike is lacking where it counts.

You could ride this bike for hours around town, and this is thanks to its commitment to comfort.

Every single aspect of the bike has been designed with the express purpose of maximizing your comfort and allowing you to ride for hours without ever once aching or becoming uncomfortable.

The frame is designed so that your body remains in a comfortable upright position, with every part of your body adequately supported. This helps to keep your body healthy as you ride, and prevents any aches or pains from developing as you ride.

The tires and the frame each work together to help make the riding experience a comfortable and simple one.

The tires themselves feature a truly wonderful structure and a perfect balance between firmness and softness which allows the bike to feel as though it is gliding right across the ground. 

This helps to make you feel more like you are in control, and also makes the riding experience more comfortable for prolonged periods.

The tires won’t jostle about as you ride, no matter how rough the terrain, which means that you won’t ever find yourself losing control, which also means that you can relax the grip in your hands slightly, to avoid strains there.

And, of course, the comfortable seat plays a massive role in making this an easy bike to recommend. The seat is ergonomically designed to comfortably seat riders of all sizes, so that no matter what you will always have a comfortable ride.

The seat features a plush feel, which lightly supports you as you ride around, and the springs on the underside of the seat help to keep you supported throughout your journey, should you encounter any unexpected bumps.

We tested out the bike on some endurance runs, where we used it for a prolonged period, and we were surprised at just how comfortable it was.

At no point did our legs become numb or sore, and we easily could have gone for another few hours!

One element that often gets neglected when bikes are designed is the support for hands. Due to the fact that your hands put in much of the work when riding a bike, it is important to make sure that they remain comfortable throughout the journey.

Thankfully, Six Three Zero put in all of the necessary work to ensure that this bike will not tire your hands out as you ride. The handles are made up of soft synthetic leather, which features plenty of padding underneath.

The feel of the leather ensures that you can maintain a solid grip, but also ensures that your ride is never uncomfortable.

Your hands won’t end up becoming sweaty or sticky as you ride, and you won’t have to grip for dear life just to stay in control. We were amazed at how so much attention to such a small detail was able to improve the riding experience so significantly.

This bike is also very easily customizable. No matter what you may need the bike for, it will be able to keep up with all of your needs and be the best bike for the job.

Do you need to run some errands, or carry a bunch of things around with you? Attach a basket to the front, or even to the rack on the back, just above the back wheel. Maybe you want to attach a water bottle?

Simply attach it directly to the frame itself. The entire frame of the bike is designed to be customized and to allow you to change it however you need. The simple frame is easy to clip things to.

We were really surprised at the sheer amount of ways that you can change your experience of this bike, it’s simply incredible.

The rear rack, above the back wheel, can also be perched on by smaller passengers, so if you have a friend that also needs a quick lift, you can very easily accommodate them without the bike becoming too heavy!


  • A fully customizable bike that can be used for all kinds of short-distance journeys. It is easy to add any extras you need, whenever you need them.
  • The bike is extremely comfortable and will keep you supported throughout journeys of every length. Even your hands are supported throughout the journey.
  • The bike remains stable throughout every journey, no matter how rough the terrain you ride over might be.


  • The price is very significant, which could be potentially off putting to beginners.
  • The bike is not designed for massive journeys or off-roading.


Linus Dutchi 1

Linus Dutchi 1

This is another truly stylish bike that features a truly elegant shape and frame that is pleasant to the eye, whether it is in motion, or at a standstill.

Its beautifully slender frame is complemented by its larger wheels which feature a very slender structure that makes the bike almost seem as if it is hovering above the ground when you see it roll past you in motion.

The bike also feels as though it is gliding when you ride it, thanks to the fantastic suspension throughout, which keeps you fully supported, and helps to support your entire body throughout your entire ride.

The frame is also designed so that the bike is incredibly easy to climb on and off of. You won’t have to stretch your legs in an awkward way just to mount the bike.

Simply sit back onto the comfortable seat, and pull your leg over to the other side. This makes the bike perfect for anyone who wants a more casual bike that doesn’t require any special method for mounting.

The bike also comes in a massive range of colors and is painted using extremely high-grade paints, which helps to give it a truly sharp look that pops out amongst the world around you.

You’ll look like you came right from out of a children’s picture book!

And not just one coat of paint is applied to the bike, as there is also a second protective layer applied, which helps to preserve the color no matter the weather, and prevents the paint from chipping off in the case of accidental scrapes.

This means that your bike will last you many journeys after your initial purchase, and you’ll keep turning heads for many more years to come.

We were simply amazed at how much the color of these bikes seemed to pop, and how good they really did look in motion.

And when you are actually riding the bike around from place to place, you’ll find that it is incredibly comfortable.

Your entire body is supported by the shape of the bike, and this makes it very comfortable to ride around for long periods.

The seat itself is very plush and is ergonomically designed to hug your figure so that you won’t end up developing any horrible aches or pains mere minutes into your ride.

This is further complemented by the comfortable handles which support your hands throughout your journey. You won’t find them suddenly aching while you are still hitting the road.

Safety is also paramount to Linus, who produced this bike, as it comes packaged with front and rear reflectors, which are designed to reflect light back from car headlights so that you can be sure that you are always visible to passing vehicles.

This is a feature that many cruiser bikes tend to miss out on, and is very beneficial to your safety.

This bike is easily one of the safest and most secure models we have featured on this list, and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great cruiser bike for women.


  • The Linus Dutchi 1 is a beautiful and classically styled bike that looks amazing everywhere, and for many years to come.
  • The Dutchi 1 is incredibly easy to mount, which makes it perfect for anyone who wants a simple and easy bike to ride around on.
  • The bike is made up of high-quality materials, so you can be sure that it will be around for many years yet to come.


  • Much like many other cruiser bikes, this particular model has a steep price.
  • The bike is slightly heavier than many competing cruiser bikes.

Cruiser Bike Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the best cruiser bikes on the market, you’re probably quite eager to get your hands on one.

However, before you put down any money on a cruiser bike, there are a few things you should make sure to look out for, to make sure that it is perfect for you. Let’s see what those are.

Best Cruiser Bikes For Women


Of course, if there was only one thing you could look out for when deciding which cruiser bike to spring for, it should be the price.

If you are buying your first cruiser, you won’t want to spend too much, just in case it is not right for you, but you also don’t want to underpay and get an inferior product.

Make sure to look around at the average prices of such bikes and determine which bikes offer the best value.

If you are not new to cruiser bikes, and you want to upgrade from your existing one, then you may want to spend a little bit more to gain access to awesome features that can improve your experience.


Cruiser bikes are generally purchased with weight in mind. Most people choose to opt for a cruiser bike because it is light and simple, which makes it easier to carry around and mount and dismount in different areas.

As such, if you want a truly good cruiser bike, you must make sure to check that it is not too heavy. Cruiser bikes are great for being easily dismounted and then carried around on foot. You will want the bike to be light enough to accommodate this.


You also want to make sure that you are getting the best possible product for your price range. Check to make sure that the bike is constructed from high-quality materials and that it will stand up even in the worst of conditions.

You will also want to make sure that the craftsmanship on any bike you want to purchase is of high quality.

Bikes that have been constructed with pride will tend to hold up better and for much longer, which saves you money in the long run, and also helps to keep you safe from any mechanical failures as you ride. 

Ease Of Use

Cruiser bikes are chosen by many thanks to their simple operation and the ability to use them with very little practice needed.

As such, you will want to make sure that any bike you do choose is easy enough for you to use, or does not have too steep of a learning curve.

A bike that you have to teach yourself to ride may cost more, and you may find yourself giving up before you can learn to properly use it. If the bike is easier to use, then it is also much safer, which is important for cruiser bikes. 

To Conclude

So there you have it. Those are just a small few of the best cruiser bikes you could try out today so that you can easily glide around your local roads and soak in the weather.

Make sure to use our buyer’s guide to help you to make the right decision, as cruiser bikes can very often have quite hefty price tags!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Lose Weight On A Cruiser Bike?

Though cruiser bikes do not require quite as much effort to operate as, say, a mountain bike, they can still be a great source of exercise.

Provided you were able to ride the cruiser bike for an extended period, you could use one as an exercise bike for light daily exercise. However, you could not use one for off-road cycling exercise.

Is Biking Better Than Walking?

Biking requires slightly less effort than walking in some cases, so it can be beneficial with regards to minimizing strain on your legs.

However, you may receive more effective cardio exercise from walking.

How Much Should I Cycle A Day To Lose Weight?

Provided you put in around 30 minutes of bike riding multiple times per week, then you should begin to see a consistent loss of weight.

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