Best Hybrid Bikes For Women

Hybrid bikes are an excellent choice if you are looking for a versatile bicycle that combines the best elements from various other kinds of bikes, such as touring bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes.

The result is a bicycle that is as general-purpose as you can get, allowing for traversal of different terrains, different riding conditions and with different applications, all whilst being a comfortable and stable option that is highly popular with a wide range of cyclists, from professionals to novices to casual riders and beyond. 

It is no wonder that the hybrid bike is a popular choice for women.

Its versatility in terms of sizing and comfort is an appealing factor for anyone, but it might make all the difference for women in terms of a bike that can be accommodating in a wide range of situations as well as being well sized should you struggle to find the right bike for you that suits your height (particularly if you are a relatively petite woman!). 

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at some of the best hybrid bikes for women. These bikes are- of course- suited for anyone, but women's hybrid bikes will usually be smaller, offer specific types of riding saddles and narrower handlebars.

Let's get started!

Best Hybrid Bikes For Women


Schwinn Regioneer Womens Hybrid Comfort Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, 7 Speed, 16.5-Inch Steel Frame, Alloy Linear Brakes, White

First off, we are going to be looking at some bikes from the Schwinn brand, known for their vast range of high-quality bicycles.

Their Regioneer Adult Hybrid comfort bike is a great example of a hybrid bicycle that is suitable for men and women, offering plenty of comfort as you are cycling, as the name, suggests whilst also being lightweight in nature. 

The strong, 16.5 inch RPG steel frame is an excellent size for both shorter and taller women, whilst also offering a suspension fork to allow for a straight and steady upright position as you ride. 

In terms of speed, the Regioneer adult hybrid bike has a Shimano seven-speed Revo shifter, giving the rider plenty of options in terms of riding speed.

It also features a Shimano derailleur that lets you switch between gear shifts efficiently and with no hassle. When it comes to breaks, this bike features alloy linear-pull brakes that can be found on the front of the rear, offering strong and reliable stopping power.

The tires of the bike are 2.125 inches and are comfort tires that are designed to ensure a comfortable and smooth ride.

The tires also utilize alloy rims to add to the lightweight nature of the bike. This is a great bike for casual riders looking for as much comfort as possible as they ride.


  • Reputable brand.
  • Comfortable.
  • Smooth ride thanks to alloy rims.
  • Lightweight.
  • Linear pull brakes.
  • Durable frame.
  • Perfectly sized for women of various heights.
  • Simple gear shifting.
  • Seven speed options.


  • Not as suitable for rougher terrain.

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Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women, 21-Speed, 28-inch Wheels, 16-inch/Small Frame, White

We are staying with the Schwinn brand for this next bicycle, the Schwinn Discover Hybrid bike. This is a fantastically versatile choice when it comes to hybrid bikes for women, even if it is suitable for both me and women, as the name suggests.

Available in white, black or matte gray, the bike has many handy features, such as a suspension fork, fenders on the wheels to keep away dirt, a city rise adjustable stem with a back sweep handle bar and an alloy crank. 

The Discover Hybrid has 21 speeds, giving you tons of choice in terms of what kind of cycling you wish to undertake, be it a brisk and relaxing ride or a fast-paced, energetic cycle.

Alloy twist shifters- with compatible 4 finger brake levers- allow you to shift gears at ease, whilst a SRAP grip shifter and rear derailleur makes pedaling up particularly steep hills a breeze.

There is no need to worry about crashes either thanks to the promax alloy linear pull brakes. A lightweight aluminum steel frame ensures that the bike doesn't veer into the territory of cumbersome and heavy whilst still maintaining a strong level of durability.

A padded and adjustable seat is particularly useful should you need to make yourself more comfortable, and the bike is able to fit riders from around 5 ft 7 to 5 ft 10, making them a great option for slightly taller women.


  • 21 speeds.
  • Alloy twist sifters.
  • Protective fenders.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable aluminum steel frame.
  • Padded, adjustable seat.
  • Well sized for women that are average height and those that are slightly taller than average.
  • Suspension fork.
  • Back sweep handlebars with alloy crank.
  • Pronax alloy linear pull brakes.
  • Can handle various terrains and uphill roads due to the ease of the gear changes.


  • It might be a little tricky to ride if you are not between the heights of 5 ft 7 and 5 ft 10.

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Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle (24-Inch, 26-Inch, and eBike)

Whilst the cruiser bicycle is a little different to the hybrid- often having a focus aimed more towards comfort and durability rather than being able to traverse all terrains-, the similarities between the two bicycle types far outweigh the differences, and so we are going to be including some cruisers on this list as well!

This particular cruiser women's bike combines the functionality of a hybrid with the design of a cruiser, making it a great casual option when it comes to a bicycle.

The Urban Lady Beach Cruiser measures at 26 inches- featuring a 15-inch durable steel frame- making it well sized for women from around 5ft inches, with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

There is a smaller model available- measuring at 24 inches- that allows for shorter women, from 4 ft to 5 ft inches, to ride comfortably.

It has up to 21 different speeds (depending on your chosen model, with the other models offering speeds of one, three or seven)- with speeds of up to 20 miles per hour possible- and three different gears for a variety of terrains, offering a surprising amount of versatility.

Rear coaster brakes are available on the single and 3 speed models of the cruiser, whilst the 7 and 21 models utilize both front and rear brakes. Double coil springs combine with a cushioned seat to make for optimum comfort while you ride.

It also features 2.125-inch tires that are made specifically for smooth riding and wide handlebars with foam grips, all of which make for extreme comfort in every aspect of your bike ride.

The design is a gorgeous combination of the contemporary and the modern, and the bike is available in 13 colors, which gives you a wide range of choice when it comes to picking out the color that suits you best!

This is definitely a stylish choice when it comes to a hybrid style of bike for women (even if it comes under the category of cruiser, it has all the traits of a hybrid), but it never loses its functionality, making it one of the better choices for hybrid bicycle.


  • Various models that offer different sizes for different heights.
  • The option of rear coaster brakes or front and rear brakes depending on the chosen model.
  • Double coil spring cushioned for comfort.
  • Foam grip handlebars.
  • Easy shifting across gears allows for versatility when it comes to riding on different terrains.
  • Contemporary design.
  • Wide selection of colors.


  • Some assembly is required, as the bike only comes 80 percent assembled. 

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Hiland 700C Hybrid Bicycle Aluminum Shimano 24 Speeds with Suspension Fork Disc Brake City Commuter Comfort Bike Mint Green

The Hiland hybrid bicycle is another fantastic choice when it comes to hybrid bikes thanks to its excellent versatility, utilizing a Shimano gearshift that allows for up to 24 speeds.

A thumb grip makes switching between gears a smooth experience, whilst the cassette, derailleur and rear derailleur allows for traversal of various terrains as well as sturdy uphill travel.

A lock-out suspension fork makes multi-terrain travel easier too, as does the sturdy aluminum frame that is built to last and able to handle a wide rage of riding conditions.

As its name makes clear, this bike has a tire size of 700c, which is a relatively common size for road bikes and a great option for general traversal.

There are two different sizes of the Hiland hybrid bike: the 17.5 inch frame- ideal for those with a height of around 5ft 5 inches and 6 ft-, and the 20.5 inches- better suited to those with a height between 5ft 7 inches and 7 ft 2 inches.

There is also a choice of four colors: mint green, black, white and silver. Although these sorts of choices aren't exactly necessary when it comes to a bike- it isn't like they make a difference to the function of the bike- but they are nice little touches that can make a bike all the more appealing in the eyes of the consumer. 

The different sizes that are possible with this choice of bike make the Hiland 700c a hybrid bike that is more accessible for women of different heights, whilst the durable components allow for cycling in a wide variety of riding conditions, making it one of the best choices of hybrid bikes for women as well as men.


  • Utilizes strong Shimano components for a more durable bicycle.
  • Two different frame sizes caters to different heights.
  • Four colors to choose from.
  • Durable aluminum frame.
  • 700c tires.
  • Thumb grip for quick and easy gear shifting.
  • Different gears and a lock-out suspension fork makes off-road travel possible.
  • Combines the speed of a road bike with the versatility of a hybrid bike.


  • There is some assembly required as the bike comes 85% assembled.
  • No fenders and no kickstand.

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sixthreezero Women's 1-Speed 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle, Teal Blue w/ Brown Seat/Grips

Another cruiser bike that has the versatility of a hybrid, the sixthreezero Women's Beach Cruiser has a classically beautiful look that offers comfort, style and practicality.

The curvy and custom 18 inch frame is made to feel distinctive and tailored to each individual rider, regardless of their height.

That being said, the bike is best suited for riders from around 5 ft 4 inches to 6 ft 4 inches, but it is easily able to accommodate heights between this range without feeling awkward.

The frame is also designed to provide a comfortable upright position and includes rear and front fenders that add both protection and some stylish flair. 

The cruiser bike features balloon tires and a comfortable dual spring bubble saddle, both of which will help to absorb any lumps and bumps you might encounter on your travels.

Crafted crank mechanics also aid with this smooth riding experience, making riding across tougher terrain, such as hard packed dirt, feel easier than ever.

You can also be sure that you'll be perfectly safe with this bike, as it offers pedal-backward coaster brakes that allow for quick and smooth stopping and handlebars that are designed to curve to the contour of the rider to make for extra security. 


  • Tailored frame. 
  • Balloon tires.
  • Bubble seat.
  • Crank mechanics for smooth riding.
  • Curved handlebars.
  • Super stylish design. 
  • Comes in a wide range of colors.
  • Pedal backward coaster brakes.


  • There is some assembly required as it comes 85% assembled.
  • A cruiser instead of a full on hybrid (though they are very similar!).

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Best Hybrid Bikes For Women Buying Guide

Now that we have looked at some of the best options for women when it comes to hybrid bikes (or hybrid styles of bikes such as cruisers), we are going to be going through some of the important factors that need to be thought about if you are considering investing in a hybrid bicycle.

We have created a handy buyer's guide for you to peruse should you wish to learn a little more about some of the most essential aspects of a hybrid bicycle and help you on your way to making the right decision to suit your personal needs.

Best Hybrid Bikes For Women


One of the most critical factors to consider when looking to buy a hybrid bicycle is the price of the bike in question in relation to your personal budget (which is pretty much an important thing to consider when buying anything!).

Some hybrid bikes can lean towards the more expensive end of the scale, so make sure to set yourself a specific budget and keep to it as much as you can to avoid breaking the bank.

Wheels and Tires

Hybrid bikes can have various sizes when it comes to tires, though the 700c size is the most common as it offers a wide range of options when it comes to traversing various terrains.

Both rugged and smooth terrains can easily be cycled on with 700c tires, but there are other options to look out for should you have other preferences. 

Keep an eye on the tire measurements- such as the size in inches and the width in millimeters- to help you with your choice. For instance, tires with smaller widths are more suitable for casual cruising, whereas larger widths are better for off-road activities.


When it comes to the general frame of a hybrid bike, aluminum is the go to choice thanks to its ability to be both lightweight and durable. Steel is another option, as it is more flexible and absorbs shock better than aluminum.

Steel will make for a heavier bicycle, though, so it might not be ideal if a lightweight bike is your main priority. There is a middle ground option available in the form of carbon fiber, which offers the light nature of aluminum with the strength of steel.

The catch with carbon fiber is that it is a more expensive option, so if your budget allows for it, then carbon fiber could be the way to go.

Gear Combinations

The gears on a bicycle aid with pedaling when uphill. They also provide some stability and safety for you when riding downhill. Gears need to be changed accordingly to different terrains and riding conditions, but they are something of a complex element to think about when choosing a hybrid bicycle.

Speaking typically, hybrid bikes tend to have gear ranges from 1 to 27 to accommodate to different terrains. Due to this versatile nature when it comes to gear combinations in hybrid bikes, you will need to look for the setting that will fit your particular riding style the best when picking out a hybrid bike.

If you are prone to riding on a vast array of terrains, and are a more experienced rider, opt for a bicycle that offers this with more gear combinations. If you prefer to stick to smooth and level terrain- or are a cycling novice- you shouldn't need as many combinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hybrid Bikes Good For Commuting?

Yes! Hybrid bikes are an excellent option for your daily commute, as they are designed with practicality and safety in mind.

Hybrid bikes tend to have an upright riding position as well, which is an exceptional feature for a commuting bike to keep you comfortable while remaining in a practical cycling position. 

The choices of gears also make them excellent for commuting, making them easily adaptable no matter what kind of terrain you have to ride through to get to work.

Are Hybrid Bikes Good For Long-Distance?

Yes, they certainly are. Much like with commuting, long distance bike riding can easily become an uncomfortable chore if you don't have the right kind of bicycle. The versatility of the hybrid bike makes it a great option, offering comfort and functionality whilst remaining relatively affordable.

Can Hybrid Bikes Be Used Off-Road?

Yes, they certainly can, but there is some limitation as to what they can do. Hybrid bikes are able to travel off-road thanks to the versatility that they offer in terms of their wide range of gear combinations.

This will change from bike to bike, though, so if off-road biking is what you are most interested in when it comes to a hybrid bike, make sure to look for one that offers the appropriate gears to accommodate for off-road terrain.

That being said, they are not the best option for more intense off-road activities, such as racing. Be sensible in your expectations, and you are sure to be able to take a hybrid bike off-road for tons of fun!

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