Best Virginia Bike Trails

Virginia is one of the best places to ride a bike in the US whether you’re cycling with a friend, family or just biking solo. Virginia has the huge advantage of being sprawling with landscapes that can be easy to ride over and beautiful to gaze at with some incredible viewpoints.

Best Virginia Bike Trails

There are therefore a huge variety of popular bike trails in Virginia with some even winning awards for how popular they have become in recent years being used for both casual biking and competitions.

Regardless of skill level, you can have a huge amount of fun riding through the huge variety of environments dotted around the beautiful state of Virginia, so to get you started, below we have listed some of the most popular Virginia biking trails along with what they are best at so you can choose one most optimal for you.

Virginia Capital Trail

  • Locations: Jamestown to Richmond
  • Length: 52 miles

Two decades in the making, the Virginia Capital Trail has been specifically designed to guide riders through Virginia’s lush landscapes and its expansive history with its 52 mile journey connecting the state’s first capital and its current capital.

The trail begins in Jamestown, the first English settlement founded in the new world, and proceeds to cross a VA Highway covered by vegetation to make the ride extremely scenic.

The trail traverses across more than 400 years of history being constructed along one of the first inland routes in North America, and is an incredible route that provides both a fun and scenic biking experience, along with a history lesson of Virginia.

With parking and restrooms stationed every few stops along the route along with picnic areas to stop and rest, the Virginia Capital Trail is extremely popular right now with cyclists of all skill levels and it’s easy to see why.

Virginia Creeper Trail

  • Locations: Abingdon to Whitetop
  • Length: 34 miles

Potentially one of the most colorful and adventurous trails on this list, the Virginia Creeper Trail is approximately 34 miles long, starting in Abingdon and ending in Whitetop.

The beginning of the trail is easily found by spotting the large decorative steam engine in honor of one that used to ‘creep’ up the trail itself.

Once you start riding, the change in scenery is beautiful with a range of different colors, buildings, plants and landscapes to take in while you cycle.

The trails are pretty straightforward and designed specifically to be a peaceful and calming ride that can be a great day out with family, or for a quiet solo ride.

There are no sharp inclines, however there are some gradual ones to look out for though they are nothing that will demand you to use up too much effort.

Across the stunning trail are also 11 access points in total, allowing you to refresh and rest to make sure the journey is not too strenuous.

Once you land at the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area you will also be met with a plethora of bike shops along with great selections of food, wine and even a nightlife if you decide to treat yourself after a long ride.

One of the most beautiful and renowned bike trails in Virginia, the Creeper Trail is perfect for a ride along with family and friends, or for a peaceful ride where you can take in the stunning environment.

Tobacco Heritage Trail

  • Locations: La Crosse to Lawrenceville
  • Length: 22 miles

If you want a trail with a bit more length in order for you to regularly stop, have some refreshments and admire the beauty as you go, the Tobacco Heritage Trail is the perfect choice.

Running 22 miles in length, the trail begins at La Crosse and travels to Lawrenceville through Brunswick, Halifax and Mecklenburg counties.

The trail is very scenic with an array of historical and cultural landscapes and sights being dotted throughout the journey, alongside huge stretches of fields that makes for some jaw dropping views.

The Meherrin River for example that is passed by along the trail has a tremendous 300 foot bridge crossing it that makes for a stunning view when you’re below.

Definitely consider the Tobacco Heritage Trail for one of the most scenic options Virginia can offer in terms of biking trails.

High Bridge Trail

  • Locations: Rice to Pamplin City
  • Length: 32 miles

Bikes can also be exciting and even thrilling to ride when on the right trail, and if it is this feeling you are looking to get out a particular trail then you’ll be hard pressed to find one more spectacular and down exhilarating ing at times than the High Bridge Trail.

Constructed during the Civil War, the bridge is the longest in Virginia and one of the longest in America and while riding on the 125 feet high construction can at first seem nerve-racking, it is incredibly fun and worthwhile once you get used to it, and at a whopping 32 miles you can also be assured the journey will be long enough to feature some fantastic views.

The trail also runs through Farmville, Rice and Pamplin City which can add a bit of variation to the journey. The exciting historic landscapes planted around the trail also enhance the ride such as the Appomattox Court House where General Lee surrendered in the Civil War.

Being just an hour away from popular destinations such as Richmond and Lynchburg, this trail is perfect for those looking for a memorable ride that can be cycled through as part of a great day out.

Devil’s Fork Trail Loop

  • Location: George Washington National Forest
  • Length: 7 miles

If you are more of an adventurous biker and prefer using mountain bikes to cycle around rougher closed areas, the Devil’s Fork Trail is the best cycling trail in Virginia specifically for this.

The trail is only 7 miles long so you can ensure it won’t take up too much of your energy to leave you exhausted, however the terrain is naturally a little rock and made of natural dirt so make sure you’re accustomed to riding on slightly rougher conditions before choosing this trail.

The luscious and exotic rock formations, animals and mountain views planted throughout the trail make it perfect for those looking for a more challenging cycle that they can get some amazing rewards from.

This biggest reward and part of the reason you should definitely consider this trail is the 50 foot waterfall at the end located at the mouth of Corder Hollow.

The clear blue crystal water and endless view makes this waterfall the most popular in Virginia, and is another reason to choose this trail if you are quite experienced with biking through different terrain.

Mount Vernon Trail

  • Locations: Washington Mount Vernon Estate to Theodore Roosevelt Island
  • Length: 18 miles

For lovers of history, art and culture, Mount Vernon is a scenic 18 mile ride packed full of historic landscapes to see from a distance and get up close to.

The trail is very versatile leading through wetlands, towns, forests and extends along the Potomac River and across the Theodore Roosevelt Island Park which is filled with historic scenery and gift shops.

The Washington DC and National Mall sites are also dotted across the trail along with a Lyndon B Johnson Memorial Grove which can be great to check out to break up the ride and have a rest.

You can also take some alternate routes along the journey for even more variation, the Custis Trail for example diverts from Roosevelt Island and takes a more closed in and extended route to enjoy even more scenery.

New River Trail State Park

  • Locations: New River State Park to Galax
  • Length: 57 miles

There’s not many bike trails more aesthetically pleasing than a luscious forest surrounding a bike path.

The New River Trail is the perfect example of this, a smooth bike trail running for 57 miles through Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, the entire trail is surrounded by larger overhanging trees with a range of bright colorful petals depending on the season.

While the distance can seem daunting, there’s no need to worry, there are multiple little spots along the journey where you can stop and engage in a few other activities on the mountain including canoeing, horse riding and even water sports.

There is so much variety with this trail, whether you are looking for a long and peaceful ride where you can have some time to yourself, or a journey packed with activities that you can bring the friends and family to get involved with, the New River Trail is a perfect choice.


Virginia is one of the best states for bike trails with its incredible scenery and spacious landscapes allowing for some biking journeys you will be sure to remember for a long time.

With such a variety of different trails offered in Virginia, there is guaranteed to be one perfect for exactly how you want to cycle on any given day.

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