Best Winter Bike Helmets to Keep Your Head Warm

Feeling the wind in your hair as you ride in the hot summer might be quite nice, but come the winter? You’re going to want to keep the chill of your noggin.

Sure a regular bike helmet is great for keeping off a little light rain, but it’s going to do nothing to keep your head warm if it’s too ventilated, especially if you're met with a cold wind.

The solution, of course, is to get yourself a cycling helmet that has been proven to be effective for keeping your head cozy in cold winter months.

A lot of cyclists use skull caps or hats under their cycling helmets, but the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute advises against this, saying that hats and visors compromise the helmet's fit, and therefore it's safety.

Remember that you don’t have to stick with only using cycling helmets - there’s a lot to be said for using skiing and snowboarding helmets for cycling during the winter. They are specifically designed for use in the cold.

Here are some of our favorite helmets to keep your head warm in winter!


Now, this helmet comes from a top brand, and it’s the one that all the major sites in the niche are recommending for cycling in the winter.

And it’s with good reason it’s so highly recommended…

All helmets intended for cycling tend to feature holes for ventilation, but this particular cycling helmet features thermostat controlled adjustable venting.

This enables you to customize air flow through your helmet by the touch of a button. How convenient is that!

And that’s not all, it is also lined with brushed fleece - and if that doesn’t keep your head warm I don’t know what will.

Moreover, you also get ear pads with it, which is great because it's a rare feature in a cycling helmet, and it’s always your ears that get the coldest.

Better yet, these ear pads are removable, so this cycling helmet that’s built for cold winter months can then be converted to one that’s suitable to use all year round.

It also features market leading protection and is thoroughly tested before going to market.

It’s very comfortable to wear, and you can easily adjust the position and tension to get the perfect fit.

It comes in two color options, a smart matt black, or a bright burnt orange, that road users will be sure not to miss. It’s also available in two different sizes, namely small, and medium.


  • Comes very highly recommended
  • Thermostat controlled venting
  • Features removable ear pads
  • Also available in small size
  • Two great color options


  • Premium brand with a premium price
  • Only two color options available


Now, this helmet costs a little bit more money, but customers certainly seem to think it’s worth it.

What makes it so great for those winter months is how it features a soft flip visor which is perfect for keeping that low winter sun out of your eyes as you ride.

It also comes with a replaceable moisture control ZipMold liner, so if the rain gets through the helmet’s vents you can take the liner out when you reach a safe spot.

And you can always pair it with a cold weather helmet liner to provide that much needed warmth when it starts to get cold out there.

It’s available in 3 different sizes ranging from small, which is to fit a 52 to 55.5 cm circumference, all the way through to large, which is to fit a 59 to 62 cm circumference.

There’s a quick guide to measuring your head on the product page, simply click on “check price” to get to it.

We like the wide range of color options available - there’s even some nice feminine shades in there, like the satin white, the rose gold and the matte blush.


  • Features a visor
  • Has a ZipMold liner
  • Wide size range
  • Nice color options


  • No ear pads included


Now this is a helmet that’s truly built with winter weather in mind!

It’s designed with winter sports in mind rather than for cycling per se, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for cycling!

Like the Giro Timberwolf helmet, it comes with removable ear pads, which are great in the cold, but can be done away with when summer comes around.

It features a shock absorbent interior thanks to its foam inserts etc. And as well as providing that all important protection, this can also help keep your head warm.

And it’s not without all the vents that you’ll need when it starts to get warm again, and there are 24 vents altogether.

It’s available in one size, for heads with a 54 to 58 cm circumference. I know what you’re thinking - how is a helmet for such a wide size range going to have a secure fit? Well, don’t worry.

There’s a dial on the front of the helmet which allows you to customize the fit.

There’s a quick guide to measuring your head on the product page, simply click on “check price” to get to it.

And it’s available in a nice matt burnt orange color that will give you high visibility on the road as you move through traffic.


  • Available for a great price
  • Removable ear pads
  • Shock absorbent interior
  • One-handed adjustable fit
  • Bright & highly visible


  • Only available in one color and size


Here’s another great helmet. It comes from a great brand, is really well priced, and most importantly offers excellent protection.

It’s shaped in Bern’s classical style, but offers upgraded protection, featuring MIPS to protect against rotational impact.

What makes it such a good helmet for use in the winter months is how you can get compatible ear pads to go with it. And with liners too.

It’s available in 3 different sizes, from small through to large, and is also available in a wide selection of colors, most of which are bright and noticeable. We particularly like the matte mint.


  • Compatible with ear pads & liners
  • Protection against rotational impacts
  • Great color options to choose from


  • Premium brand at a premium price


Again it’s a helmet that has been designed for winter sports rather than for cycling per se. It comes from a good, well established brand, and it’s a bestseller too.

What makes it such a great helmet for the winter is the integrated ear pads. Just what you need! And that’s not all - it also features dual regulator adjustable climate control. Perfect!

It also offers top quality head protection, since it comes complete with MIPS technology for multi-directional impact protection.

And it’s just as comfortable to wear in summer months too, thanks to the 21-vent ventilation.

There’s a huge range of colors to choose from, and sizes range from small to extra large.

Sure, it’s an expensive helmet, but if you have the budget for it, why not indulge yourself!


  • Integrated snap-on ear pads
  • Adjustable climate control
  • Multi Directional impact protection


  • Premium product at a premium price

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