Can You Add a Basket to Any Bike?

Bikes aren’t just for cycling competitively, chasing high speeds on the road, or adventuring over rough mountain terrain. Sometimes, you just want a bike to go around the city, getting your errands done without having to take public transport.

And do you know what’s great for a bike if you’re using it on your errands run? A basket! 

Picture a cute vintage bike, with a cute basket at the front, full of flowers and a french baguette.

Sounds like a dream, right? But the thing is, any bike can have a basket added to it! And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a cute-looking basket, there are many different types of baskets and you can go completely practical with it. After all, having a basket at the front of your bike is the perfect way to be able to carry things, such as grocery shopping, a bag, or other items, while you cycle! And as we’ve mentioned, you can add a basket to any bike. That means any type of bike, even mountain bikes or road bikes, (hybrid bikes are already known for often including baskets, so they obviously can too).

There are plenty of bike baskets available in the market, and many of them are universal, in that they can be easily attached to any bike, no matter the type of frame or handlebar.

Usually, they will be strapped on, and you can then use them as a storage compartment as you go about your day, getting around with your bike without having to wear a bag on your back.

Can I put a basket on my mountain bike?

We’ve mentioned above that a bike basket can be installed onto any type of bike, so that includes mountain bikes. Meaning yes, you can put a basket on your mountain bike, and it will be a nice little addition for carrying items. However, mountain bikes are slightly challenging when it comes to adding a basket, and it’s not always the best idea.

Besides, mountain bikes aren’t really made to go about your day calmly, they’re made to challenge yourself over rough terrain, through bumps and turns and hills. But hey, if you really want a basket on your mountain bike, go ahead, and we’ll tell you how to do it.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that if your mountain bike has a suspension system (which is quite common in mountain bikes), you might struggle even more to place a basket on it, as the suspension system will be in the way and might significantly limit the basket options. If you have a rigid mountain bike, then you should be able to use most types of bike baskets. But we recommend you use a basket with support struts so that it will stay in place and will be able to hold all of your items, regardless of how bumpy the ride is.

If your mountain bike has a suspension system, you might have to settle for a smaller basket, but for this, we recommend one that is attached to the handlebars and hangs, as it will be able to be better secured that way.

How do you attach a basket to the front of a bike?

Attaching a basket to the front of a bike isn’t too hard a job, and once you’ve done it you’ll have a great storage basket so that you can carry items around with you when on your bike, without having to struggle and juggle them. You can buy specific bike baskets, which will come with an attachment mechanism, such as straps or similar, and these should also come with instructions making the job even easier.

But what if you want to attach a regular basket to your bike? How do you do this?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

You will need:

If the basket doesn’t come with its own straps or attachments, then you can use any other of these, which you might have at home:

  • Belts
  • Zip ties
  • Rope
  • Bungee cords
  • Other (anything you can use to tie the basket to the bike!)

Step-by-step on how to attach a basket to the front of a bike:

The actual method of attaching the basket to a bike can vary from bike to bike, as not all bikes are made the same.

You have to take into account the shape and size of the handlebars, and how the basket can lean against the frame, depending on the type of frame, and many other factors! But as a general method for attaching a basket to your bike, it’s all about wrapping the basket with your attachment method and then securing it onto the bike, with the handlebars or frame at the front.

  1. Pull the strap, or whatever attachment system you are using, through one side of the basket. Then repeat on the other side of the basket, so you can secure it from two sides.
  2. Place the basket up against the frame of the bike, at the front, right under the handlebars. Secure both sides of the basket to each of the handlebars, using the straps or whatever other item you have attached to it.
  3. Tighten the straps so that the basket is firmly secured against the bike, and doesn’t fall down. You should test this by moving the handlebars around and taking your bike on a test run.

What do you call a bike with a basket?

A bike with a basket doesn’t have a specific name, as it can be referred to in many ways. Most commonly you would just call it a bicycle basket, or a basket bike! 

The thing is, adding a basket to a bike doesn’t change the type of bike that it was previously, so it would still be a hybrid bike or a mountain bike, but it would just have a basket attached! So a basket bike is usually fine, or any other term as long as it’s obvious that the bike comes with a basket! 

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