How Much Faster Does a Good Road Bike Make You?

A good road bike makes a massive difference when it comes to speed.

You might not notice that your regular bike is really slowing you down until you try out a good road bike, and then you will really be able to tell the difference.

 This is mainly because a good road bike will have less weight, this allows you to pick up speed a lot more effortlessly.

So you will not only notice the difference in terms of speed, but you will also notice the difference in terms of the amount of effort that you need to put into your pedaling.

Generally speaking, a good road bike can save you as much as 8 pounds in weight. That is a massive difference, so there’s no question that your bike will be able to go faster if you use a good road bike.

However, it is impossible to put an exact number on how much faster a good road bike will make you as it will depend on the terrain in which you are cycling.One of the times when the difference in weight between a regular road bike and a good road bike will be very noticeable is on uphill climbs.

For any cyclist, these are often the hardest part of any route, and the point in which your speed will slow dramatically.

But, a good road bike will make these uphill climbs much easier as the weight of the bike will be much lower, making everything easier.

Are cheaper bikes slower?

A lot of people believe that cheaper bikes are slower, but this often isn’t the case.

In fact, cheaper bikes are able to reach the same speeds as any other road bike. They simply will not last as long.

When you pay more for a bicycle, it is very rare that you are paying more for greater speed. Instead, you are simply investing your money into something that will (probably) last. There are some objections to this rule, but most cheap bikes are made with poor-quality materials.

So, they can seem like a real bargain at first, but you will soon find yourself needing to buy a replacement.

While these bikes are in full working order then there is usually no difference in speed. They can actually often be a faster option as cheaper bikes are usually made with lighter (and cheaper) materials. So, no, cheaper bikes aren’t necessarily slower than more expensive bikes.

Depending on the type of bike that you buy, you might find that your more expensive bike is considerably slower than the cheaper alternative.

But you are likely to get years of use out of a more expensive bike, while your time with a cheaper bike will likely be limited. This is why most people opt for a more expensive road bike.

Are road bikes really faster?

Yes, road bikes do tend to be a lot faster than some other types of bicycles. After all, they are designed to be ridden on roads where motor vehicles hit very high speeds.

So, it is very important that road bikes are designed to allow users to hit as fast a speed as possible. 

This is why they usually measure the quickest when you compare them against other types of bicycle. For example, if you were to compare a road bike with a mountain bike. You would find that a good road bike can be up to 30% faster than a mountain bike, with even the cheaper options being approximately 10% faster.

But it isn’t just mountain bikes which a road bike is faster than. In fact, you will find that a road bike is generally 15% faster than any other type of bicycle.

So, if you are looking for a bicycle, and speed is your top priority, then a road bike is probably the best option for you. So, yes, road bikes really are faster than other bikes. This is mainly due to their design, and the materials with which they are built.

As we have mentioned, road bikes tend to be a lot lighter than other types of bicycles, and this enables them to pick up speed a lot quicker.

This, in turn, makes them the faster option.

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Do better bikes go faster?

In the same way that you expect a cheaper bike to be slower, you might also expect a more expensive bike to be faster. However, this is not always the case.

Price isn’t always equal to quality, and often you will find that more expensive models are built with the same materials as cheaper alternatives.

However, there are some more expensive makes of road bikes which are definitely better, and, in turn, are also faster. But, there are lots of things that will impact the speed of a bike and how that bicycle performs in comparison to other bikes on the market.

One key point where bicycles are going to operate differently is if you are comparing two different types of bicycle.

For example, a top of the range mountain bike will be fast, but when you compare it to a top of the range road bike, this bike will then appear slow.

So, it is only really fair to compare bicycles within their own specific categories. So, in a lot of cases, yes, better bikes will go faster. But, this is dependent on that bike being considered ‘better’ because it is built for a speed.

 If a bicycle is considered ‘better’ due to the color or pattern of it, then this will likely have no impact on the speed. But generally speaking, ‘better’ bikes will also be faster.

Does a good road bike make a difference?

You might not believe it, but a good road bike really does make the world of difference.

If you are used to using a road bike that is made with cheaper materials or a poor build, then you can become blind to the bike’s issues.

But, as soon as you experience riding a good road bike, then you really won’t look back. Good road bikes tend to be the more expensive options. These bicycles have a better design, and are often built with materials that make them lighter.

Whereas cheaper bicycle manufacturers will not consider the impact that the weight of the materials might have on the bike, and this will usually make them slower.

This is simply because a lot more thought goes into the design process of a more expensive bicycle, and so the different features of the bicycle are considered throughout. While, you might find a perfectly good, top quality bike at a bargain price. The chances of it staying like that for any length of time are slim.

This is purely because a lot of corners are typically cut when producing budget options, and these limit the longevity of the bicycle.

So, yes a good road bike does make a huge difference to your cycling experience, and the best way to find a ‘good’ road bike is to choose one that is at the top end of the market.

How can I make my road bike faster?

Even though the majority of road bikes are designed for speed, there are still ways that you can make your bike faster. Or at least ensure that your bicycle is always operating at its best ability.

Some of the things that you can do to ensure this are very simple, so let’s take a look at what they are. The most effective way to ensure that your bicycle is always operating at its top speed is to keep it clean.

Even if your bicycle does not appear dirty, it is very important that you regularly clean it as a lot of surface dirt may not be noticeable to the eye.

The best way to keep on top of this is to work cleaning your bicycle into your routine.

As well as regularly cleaning your bicycle, you should also always ensure that your chain is lubed up as this will help maintain the bicycle’s speed. These are just two of the ways that you can ensure that the speed of your bicycle does not deteriorate, but there are lots of other things that you can do.

These include lowering the front end of the bicycle, adjusting your brakes and gears, and also checking the tire pressure.

Together all of these different things should help make your road bike faster. 

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