The 6 Best Gravel Bikes Under $1000 (Ideal For Beginners)

Whether you’re new to biking, or you’re an expert who has decided to invest in a brand new state-of-the-art gravel bike suitable for intense adventures across rocky terrains.

We can promise you that we have all the information on the 6 best gravel bikes under $1000, specifically for beginners out there.

Gravel biking can be such a rewarding activity to partake in, especially with a group of friends or family members that share the same interest and love for gravel bikes. 

To give a quick overview of the purpose of gravel bikes, they are widely used across tough terrains and surfaces such as the rockiest of mountains and roads, as well as making great racing bikes for competitions and long-distance treks.

They are sturdy bikes that provide the safety you need to fly across the tarmac and complete those adrenaline-rushing adventures you’re so used to.

Next to that, the features they have, enhance your bike journeys to the max to give you the ride of your life. You’ll be laughing at every pothole you’ll pass with a gravel bike by your side.



The Tommaso Sentiero gravel adventure bike has disc brakes, extra-wide tires and is perfect for road or dirt trail touring.

The bike has an aluminum compact frame that’s been combined with an SST steel fork for maximum durability on or off the road.

Aluminum frames are a lightweight material that enables your gravel bike to run with more freedom and flexibility compared to other bike materials like titanium and stainless steel.

Disk brakes allow for wider, fatter tires to be installed and used, making for a bike that can cope with a wide range of rough and bumpy surfaces.

The frame is drilled for all varieties of racks and fenders making this gravel bike the ultimate contender for touring bikes. 

This bike has powerful performance and speed-enhancing features which is perfect for varying and rugged terrain, from the steepest hills to the rockiest climbs, whilst offering a wide range of gears for all levels of riders.

This gravel bike is also equipped to maintain your journey through the toughest weather conditions and terrains so no matter the weather, your riding will be safe and secured.

The bike is also optimized for ultimate comfort with compact frame geometry and premium compact handlebars that offer increased power and comfort.

Every part of this bike is designed for maximum comfort, so you know you’ll be getting the most out of your bike journeys! 


  • Equipped to Handle Rugged Terrains - disk brakes for added stopping power even in torrential downpours.
  • Speed Enhancing - Tires designed to support your journey through rugged terrain whilst keeping you safe.
  • Wide Range of Gears - To get you up even the steepest of hills


  • Professional assembling Required - To ensure optimal performance and to validate the warranties, it’s recommended to have it professionally assembled.


This gravel bike is a multipurpose bike, so can support and sustain you and your needs through multiple types of journeys, whether it’s racing or long-distance trails or dirt biking across rugged terrain.

This bike has got you covered for it all! The frame is made from steel and is lightweight and strong so is an ideal gravel bike to consider introducing into your life.

It has mechanical disk brakes, steel forks, and a 32 hole double-wall alloy rim with 700c x 30mm tires.

Be sure to check out our guide to get an in-depth understanding of these numbers and terms to choose the right bike for you! 

This bike is ideal for riders looking for a high-quality adventure bike that has been smartly equipped for miles and miles of dirt biking enjoyment.

This bike provides the smoothest ride quality on multiple road surfaces such as dirt, trails, and rugged, rocky terrain. It’s a versatile commuter, road, and trail bike.

So, if you’re not sure what you want to use your gravel bike for just yet and are a beginner looking to get the bearings of this bike, choosing this option provides you with the ability to trial and test multiple purposes.

It feels exactly like a road bike but can handle mixed terrains well, it’s a ride you can’t beat. 

Add your preferred pedals and saddle seat and be on your way!


  • Multipurpose Bike - Can handle its road surfaces well and is sturdy
  • Steel Frames Used - Steel is one of the toughest and sturdy materials used for gravel bikes
  • Great Beginner Bike - Does what it says whilst being simple and easy to use the bike


  • Tires are Geared to Road - Can be changed easily as well as frame and fork


The Hiland road racing bike is an aluminum-enforced city and commuter gravel bike that is multipurpose and great for beginners!

It has an ultra-light aluminum frame and inner wire design that makes for an ideal bike that can be ridden comfortably in the city whilst offering the high-speed experience of an off-road bike using the 700c wheels.

There are three different sizes to choose from for people of all height ranges so choosing the right gravel bike for you and your commuting or off-road experience has never been easier! 

The smallest size is equipt for people 5’3” to 5’6”, whilst the medium is for 5’7” to 6’0” and the large bike size is for 6’0” to 6’4” plus so be sure to get the right bike for your height to enhance the experience.

The last thing you want is to find the perfect dream gravel bike for you, and then you find out you’ve got the incorrect size for your height.

The bike is 85% pre-assembled and comes with easy-to-read instructions on how to assemble the remaining 15% of the bike.

The brake system consists of double caliper brakes designed to give you complete control over any riding situation, in various weather conditions.


  • Multiple Sizes Available - No height restrictions with this gravel bike
  • Pre Assembled - Always a plus!
  • Multipurpose Bike - For long commutes and rugged terrains


  • Decreased quality - Because it’s multipurpose, the qualities usually found in a gravel bike may not be as enhanced in some areas to make it more multipurpose


This gravel bike is a versatile adventure gravel bike that features a sleek alloy frame and steel fork for the ultimate ride of your life.

You’ll sometimes find that a bike will come along that completely delivers in terms of appearance, function, and stability.

This is that bike. This is the type of bike that has you feeling like a natural from the beginning of your gravel bike journey.

As a beginner, you’ll be left feeling completely satisfied with this bike’s performance and as an intermediate, you’ll wonder why you didn’t opt for this bike as a beginner!

It has a large front rack that can easily carry two panniers, whilst the rear rack offers even more carrying capabilities. And the best part is that the front rack comes with an integrated bottle opener!

The integrated micro shift/brake lever combo and mechanical disc brakes keep the ride smooth and the frame bag features a stylish embroidered patch and all the room you’ll ever need on your adventures and journeys.

The saddle has the most ideal comfort absorbing material considered to keep you comfortable and avoid those numb situations on your rear.

Also, the internal cable routing leaves room for up to three water bottle cage mounts to ensure you stay 100% hydrated at all times throughout your journey.

We understand how important it is to stay hydrated and safe when on these adventures with your gravel bike, so we’ve got you covered!


  • Steel Frames and Fork - Good quality material choices that are strong and flexible
  • Bottle Opener Feature - Extra features to add to the enjoyment of your ride
  • Good Quality Disc Brakes - Safe brakes


  • Features Opted out For Costs - Does not feature the best-integrated features like other gravel bikes


The Royce union gravel bike is the most stylish and durable gravel bike on the market, the stability of the features balanced with the overall look of the bike’s exterior is a win-win situation in terms of beginner gravel bikes.

This bike does the job for beginners, is cost-effective in price whilst maintaining quality frames and materials, and looks great!

And the lower price does not compromise on the quality of the bike so you can rest easy knowing that your journeys and adventures are not going to be affected.

Lightweight aluminum materials have been used for this quality mountain bike that is perfect for trails.

It was designed to excel in any type of terrain no matter what the conditions, so rugged and rocky mountains stand no chance against you and your gravel bike! And popholes are a joke to your bike. 

This gravel bike has less maintenance compared to other bikes out there without sacrificing performance because of the rigid aluminum frame and alloy 3-piece crank with precision specifications that provide unrivaled gravel riding performance. 


  • RMG Equippted With Full Drivetrain - Effortlessly transfers power from the rider to the wheel
  • All-terrain tires - Gives you the ability to from road to trail seamlessly
  • Quality Bike for less - More cost-effective than other makes


  • Aluminum Materials - May not be the best but still a good choice


This versatile adventure bike is suitable for cities, gravel trails, fire roads and off road terrains, which makes it the perfect bike for a beginner.

You’re guaranteed to trust yourself with this bike because of it’s versatile nature and you can be assured you’ll get the hang of using a gravel bike in no time because of how easy they are to ride with.

They have integrated brake levers, for extra controllable braking and shifting in a convenient single unit.

The wheelset is 700c x 38c tires and this bike uses mechanical disc brakes for more stability!

The bike is somewhat narrow at the front so which makes it uncomfortable for long journeys but its performance on gravel and mud trails makes up for this minor quality altering factor.  

Overall this gravel bike makes a great first-time adventure bike and is guaranteed to get you on your way to becoming a pro soon enough!


  • Arrives Factory Direct - Requires assembling and tuning 
  • Hybrid Bike - Versatile 
  • Easy Beginner Bike - Can do miles!


  • Aluminum Frame - Not the best material but is a good quality choice

Best Gravel Bikes Under $1000 Buying Guide

Bikes have come a long way from short journeys to long-distance adventure trails.

They’ve become the latest craze in biking adventures and are more popular than ever amongst the wilderness and fitness enthusiasts communities for their durability, performance-enhancing properties, and enjoyment.

Gravel bikes have been tailored for the best long-distance journey experiences and are the best option out there for the job. 

Gravel bikes are direct descendants of touring bikes so you can imagine the power and durability they hold to support you across heavily rugged biking and off-road trails.

No surface can fight against their wheels so whether it’s tarmac, dirt roads, or muddy terrains, a gravel bike can handle it!

The 6 Best Gravel Bikes Under $1000 (Ideal For Beginners)


One of the main differences between gravel bikes and racing and touring bikes is the wheelbases.

They’re longer than normal bikes and can stabilize you well on loose terrain, however, they are shorter than touring bikes because they don’t need to sustain speed when racing like adventure bikes.

Bottom Brackets

Compared to brackets on cyclist bikes, these are made to be lower to keep you steady. To make a worthy comparison, touring bikes have up to 80mm and road bikes have up to 74mm.

Whereas with gravel bikes you can expect a sturdy 70-75mm drop. This is a stable type of bike rather than a fast racing touring bike. It’s important to consider the bottom brackets when deciding on a bike based on what you want out of it.



Steel frames on gravel bikes won’t fail easily, but if they do, then that snap that you can get from using aluminum and titanium frames is something you won’t experience.

Steel frames can be repaired decently so it’s not something to fret over and the price is usually more cost-effective compared to repairing carbon fiber frames.

They’re more heavy-duty frames for gravel bikes and they’re not lightweight but the high-end material is popular amongst many gravel riders because they’re not tiring for those long off-road rides. 

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber frames are well-favored amongst manufacturers because breakages don’t happen easily, however for overnight rides or in remote areas, carbon fiber may not be your best choice, due to the length of the journey.

Carbon fiber is extremely light and flexible, the complacent nature enables the most comfort and flexibility whilst not holding you back with stiffness issues. It’s the best of both worlds with this type of frame. 

In terms of damage to the frames, it’s hard to spot with carbon fiber, the damage starts internally so if anything starts to go wrong it can be irreplaceable and can cause fatal breaks.


So, we talked about lightweight frames such as carbon fiber, but the other alternative is aluminum.

It’s extremely lightweight, but the downside is the stiffness so any absorb vibration can make these frames just that much too stiff for proper gravel riding.

Overall it’s a less durable option but it’s more cost-effective, you just have to weigh up the purpose you’re using it for. 

The good thing is that the stiffness problem that occurs with using aluminum frames can be offset by using things like high-volume tires, a longer seat post, and a compliant fork.

So, if you can find a way around it then it’ll be worth it because you’ll get years of enjoyable rides out of using aluminum frames for your gravel bike.


Titanium frames are strong and durable frames that provide comfortable and lightweight riding whilst being dent and corrosion-resistant, making them the perfect choice to last a lifetime.

One of the only issues is that titanium frames are a little more on the pricey side compared to other frame options because manufacturing is challenging and expensive, however, if it’s to last a lifetime, the extra pocketed money purchase will be worth the investment. 


Gravel bikes use drop bars specifically, enabling riding at a faster and more consistent pace which is suitable for keeping your adventure stable and enjoyable.

During your ride using a gravel bike, you may find yourself really needing to ‘grind it’ with the handlebars so you will be in need of those drops! 

One rule to help you is to match your handlebar width to your shoulder width! It’s recommended to add a few centimeters to this for extra control off-roads.

Most handlebars are available in various widths, anywhere from 38cm to 52cm. The drop is the distance from the stem clamp to the end of the bar which on gravel bikes varies between 110mm and 150mm.

The material of most handlebars is typically either made from aluminum or carbon fiber, the aluminum is affordable and light but can be stiff so keep that in mind, whereas carbon fiber is lighter and tougher however is more expensive and easier to scratch. So, just take your time deciding. 


Gravel bikes use disk brakes, which are the standard go-to now for making gravel bikes. The stopping power of disk brakes is superior compared to other brakes and rim surfaces are not worn down by rim-braking.

Also, your confidence is increased in hillier areas and because of the long-lasting brake pads, your journey can be guaranteed to be longer and go on for thousands of more miles compared to other brakes on other bikes. 

There are drawbacks however to using disk brakes, the disk rotors are susceptible to bending during transportation and sometimes contaminations between oils and other fluids can be an issue.

The repairment is slightly more complex with disk brakes in comparison to others, however, most bike enthusiasts say that the pros outweigh the cons in this situation. 


Gravel gearing differs from road bike gearings in a few ways, riding on unpaved surfaces creates more friction which can make your peddling much harder to achieve. Also because gravel bikes use larger and wider tires, they roll much faster.

Gravel bikes go much lower in gearing in order to get themselves up those steeper hills, so gravel bikes have a tendency to have a wider range of gears than other bikes. 


Saddles or bike seats must be comfortable and safe for your gravel bike journeys, they tend to come with decent seats, however, you can alter these to suit your comfortability and body shape.

A poorly designed or fitted saddle can cause numbness so do ensure to use the right one to support your weight across the bike.

Comfort is the biggest priority when choosing a saddle for your gravel bike, it’s important to consider groin and overall reproductive health!


Most gavel bikes are made specifically for off-road use rather than trails so the choice of wheels is important! Aluminum and carbon fiber wheel materials much like the frames are used.

Most gravel bikes will either come with aluminum or carbon fiber rims so it’s up to your own preference of choice as they both work well!

Whilst aluminum is strong, lightweight, and affordable, carbon fiber is light, strong, and stiff on trails so it’s up to you.  

Clipless Pedals

Clipless pedals require cycling shoes and are used by most gravel riders, they’re suited for rugged terrains as they enable the rider to click their shoe out to the side of the pedal and they are favored by many long-distance riders out there for this reason.

They also increase efficiency especially on climbs, you can get clipless shoes to accompany this type of pedal so when walking alongside your bike, you’re supported in the right way on rugged terrains. 


Eyelets allow for the attachment of cargo, bottle cages, or front racks and can be used to store a variety of items including waterproof bags. Front racks can be extremely minimal in construction and weight.

Mount point for cargo can be used on both the frame and fork of your gravel bike, the frame mounts enable you to attach frame bags in a way that does not interfere with other attachments. However, these fastening methods can also remove paintwork. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tire size for a gravel bike?

Gravel bikes tend to differ in tire size between 32mm and 48mm in width. The best emerging size for gravel bike tires is 38mm according to sources.

What kind of material is a gravel bike made of?

Gravel bikes are typically made with either carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, or titanium frames which all offer different qualities and factors to enhance your riding experience, depending on what you want from gravel biking.

It’s more of a personal choice which material would be best for you.

What kind of fork do I need for my gravel bike?

Typically titanium would be a well worthy investment, however, is not always cost-effective. So, carbon fiber is a comparable alternative. A carbon fiber fork is best paired with an aluminum frame. 

With all that said, check out other gravel bikes under $1000 according to in the video below!