The Best Rear Bike Racks For Cyclists Looking To Tour Or Commute

Whether you’re planning on heading on a bicycle tour or just want to have a place for your luggage whilst you commute, a bike rack can be an incredibly useful addition.

That is, of course, if you get yourself a good one capable of holding those panniers!

Failure to pick out a sturdy, secure rack could result in your belongings scattered all over the street, potentially already damaged but at risk of being run over or stolen!

With all the sounds of your environment, you might not even notice them fall.

No need to panic: we’ve got you covered!

Here is a list of the top rear bike racks for commuter cyclists looking to travel with belongings, or bikers on tour, who either aren’t keen on the aesthetic of or simply can’t affix a basket to the front of their ride. 


Constructed using only the toughest materials, this rack from Ibera is perfect for touring, with an adjustable height and extended seatpost rods that allow you to customize the fit to suit any bike with a frame between 26 and 29 inches.

Durable, heat-treated and TIG-welded aluminum has been anodized to prevent corrosion - it is the same material used for bike frames and other components, so you know this rack is sturdy enough to withstand the full 55lb weight limit.

Thanks to their patented PakRak clip-on system, installation is incredibly simple and takes less than five minutes.

It’s so lightweight that when you’re cycling without luggage, you’ll hardly be able to tell there’s a rack on there.

The majority of panniers, trunk bags and tail lights should be compatible with Ibera’s rack, so even if you’ve already got a bunch of cycling equipment prepared for your tour, you probably won’t need to replace any of it to accommodate its size.


  • Adjustable height and extended seatpost rods for a tailored fit
  • Easy and simplistic PakRak installation system
  • Attach any accessories including a taillight or reflector
  • Integrated splash guard for added protection


  • Unsuitable for bikes with disc brakes


Strong and sturdy, Dirza’s contribution to the world of bike racks is ultra-reliable, made from mega tough durable aluminum alloy.

Its triangular shape ensures your cycle is as stable as possible whilst able to carry up to 115lb of cargo at once!

Thanks to its customizable nature, the adjustable rods and shelves of this rack mean it should fit on the majority of bikes with frames between 18 and 27.5 inches.

It’s super easy to install with a quick release mount at the seat post.

A smooth black coating gives the rack a sleek, stylish look if you’re worried about a clunky, heavy rack spoiling the aesthetic of your bike.

Plus, though it has such a huge capacity for holding your stuff, it will only add less than three pounds of weight!

As the manufacturer provides two sets of screws at different sizes for the side mounts, if the default set is too bulky and sticks out or bumps up against your tire, you’ll be able to swap them out for the smaller ones with no trouble.


  • Lightweight - won’t impact your speed or air resistance
  • Strong aluminum build - hard-wearing and long-lasting
  • Decent quality rubber grips to protect your delicate frame from scratches
  • Adjustable support rods and shelves to fit most bicycles


  • Not suitable for suspension, fat tire, folding, or beach cruiser bike


Promising an excellent price without sacrificing quality, this Ventura bike rack is designed for either a 26 inch or 700c bike, including a specific fitting set that ensures you’ll achieve a secure and solid luggage carrier you can depend on.

Lightweight and well crafted, the steel it is made of is dependable and tough enough to stand up to adverse weather conditions.

It’s simple and straightforward, with an easy setup that even an amateur cyclist can figure out.

Also already integrated into the rack is both a reflector bracket and a spring flap, which means you don’t need to buy any additional equipment in order to affix your existing accessories to your new one!

Do be aware that you might require additional P clamps for seat tubes or seat stays, which aren’t included; it’s also worth noting that you need a hex wrench or an Allen key at 3mm in length for installation, which is not provided either.


  • On the affordable side of our list
  • Feather-light yet super sturdy steel construction
  • 40lb weight limit ideal for commuting or touring
  • Adds very little to your bicycle’s current weight


  • May require additional clamps depending on your bike


Now, this is definitely more expensive than some of the other racks listed, but there’s a reason that Thule charge so much for this rack: their patented attachment system works on virtually any ride, from a commuter’s cycle to a full-on fat bike.

The integrated light and reflector mount allows you to stay visible at all times, whilst you’ll always be able to pedal comfortably and safely thanks to an adjustable deck and rails system that offers the maximum tire heel clearance.

Offering a silent performance free of vibration, even when you’re cycling on the roughest and bumpiest of terrain, this bad boy gracefully carries your belongings so quietly you’ll probably forget that there’s anything there!

There is no mess or fuss when it comes to the installation or removal of this rack, as its mounting system is simple and convenient to access.

You’ll be ready to go (or hang things up, as the case may be) in record time.


  • Adjustable and customizable fit
  • Can fit on either the rear seat stays or the front fork depending on preference
  • Easy mounting system that’s a no-brainer to install
  • Inbuilt light and/or reflector mount for added visibility


  • Very pricy!


Built using high strength aluminum alloy, paired with stainless steel screws, the ROCKBROS universal rack allows you to ride whatever the weather, with full peace of mind that your luggage (and the rack itself) will be more than protected.

The upgraded loading system means you can carry between 110 and 165lbs of weight maximum - an adjustable structure allows you to perfectly size the rack length, whilst the telescopic rods can be altered to fit on any frame.

A quick-release clamp ensures every user experiences near-instantaneous, effortless installation and removal, whilst two W-shaped side bars keep your belongings safe from scratching against the wheel or spokes whilst in motion.

With a fender beneath the seat, you’ll have additional protection for your panniers on a rainy day or muddy track - though it can be removed if you don’t want to use it.

As a bonus gift, you’ll also get a free red reflective light for additional visibility. 


  • Compatible with the majority of panniers, bags and baskets
  • Large loading capacity up to 165lbs
  • Adjustable structure to more securely fit your bike frame
  • Free lights and bungee cord


  • Not suitable for fat tire, suspension, soft tailed, folding or carbon fiber bikes


Constructed from lightweight yet ultra-resilient aluminum alloy this folding bike rack from Schwinn is ideal for those with smaller luggage loads, though it can still carry an impressive 26lbs of weight comfortably.

Both the seat stay arms and struts are fully adjustable, allowing for a unique and customized fit that suits any 26-27 inch or 700c bike.

The inclusion of an integrated reflector bracket allows you to easily add light for cycling in dark conditions.

A stylish matte black paint finish is corrosion-resistant and should prevent any rusting, though you shouldn’t leave your bike outside in the rain unprotected anyway!

The simplistic design makes for a supremely easy installation, as well.

Every single purchase comes with a trustworthy Schwinn warranty, allowing you up to a year of repairs, replacements or returns, depending on your preference and the condition of the rack.

Purchase with total peace of mind!


  • Dependable construction using tough aluminum alloy
  • Customizable to suit your bike’s size and tire thickness
  • Welded-on rear light bracket with bolt holes
  • Stylish and useful matte black coating is resistant to rust


  • Lower than average weight limit of only 26lb


Using oversized 6061 tubular aluminum rods, this strong and stable rack from Planet Bike is dubbed eco-friendly as it is perfectly suited for adding to an electric bicycle, so you can commute and save the planet by waving goodbye to your car.

Carrying up to 55lbs of weight capacity, at this price you’re getting a considerable bang for your buck.

You can also choose between a black and silver finish depending on your aesthetic preferences.

Easily accomodating the majority of panniers, bags and rucksacks, you’ll be able to use it for commuting and touring alike.

Once it’s attached, there should be no wobbling whatsoever, for a completely rattle-free ride every time.

The manufacturer’s “one size fits most” approach means it is compatible with many cycles and allows for a simple, hassle-free installation, with preinstalled hardware that has you up and running in no time.


  • Comes somewhat pre-assembled for an easier installation
  • Impressively strong aluminum construction 
  • Easy enough to install - even an amateur could do it
  • Sleek and stylish design that doesn’t change the weight of your bike much at all


  • Not suitable for cycles with disc brakes


Last and certainly not least is this Axiom rack ideal for mountain, commuting and fitness bikes alike.

Low profile and lightweight, it’s a sleek design that won’t affect your speed but will help you travel with all of your belongings safely.

Hand welded using 10.2mm tubular 6061 T6 aluminum allow construction, this extra strong and ultra-secure rack is perfect for any bike with 26 inch or 700c tires, proferring more than enough room for any existing fenders.

An ultra-narrow footprint keeps your aerodynamics impressive, by reducing the potential for “bag swing” and keeping the load closer to the center, so you can benefit from the additional protection that gravity provides.

Super easy to install and remove - though you’ll probably never want to take it off! - even an amateur cyclist should have no trouble putting this together.

It’s even suitable for bikes with disc brakes, which a lot of racks are not.


  • Small yet sturdy and secure
  • 110lb max cargo capacity, despite being incredibly light
  • Fits bikes with disc brakes
  • Works front or back depending on preference


  • “Universal” fit so may not be as tight as other bikes

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