What Should I Wear for Cycling?

The perfect clothing for cycling will depend on the area that you are cycling in, and the distance that you want to cover. But, generally speaking, when it comes to cycling, you want to be wearing clothes that are aerodynamic. You also want to ensure that you are wearing clothes that will be comfortable to wear while actively cycling as this is very important. Especially if you are planning to cycle for long distances at a time. 

The most popular item of clothing for cycling is bike shorts. These shorts are generally very tight-fitting, and normally cover the whole of the thighs, stopping just above the knee. The length is very important as it protects your legs from chafing due to the action of cycling. The tight fit is also important as it means the fabric will not bunch up around your thighs, allowing you to cycle more freely. 

As well as this, the best top to wear for cycling is a bike jersey. These tops are usually short-sleeved and made of moisture-wicking technology to minimize the amount of sweat that stays on your top. This combined with a good pair of cycling gloves, and cycling socks, with comfortable trainers, is the perfect outfit for cycling. So, if you want something comfy to wear while cycling, this outfit is absolutely perfect. 

What should you not wear when cycling?

If you want to be completely comfortable when you are cycling, there are lots of things that you need to avoid doing. In particular, these things tend to revolve around clothing as this is one of the most important parts of enjoying your time riding. We’ve talked about what you should wear when cycling, so now let’s take a look at what you should avoid wearing. 

One of the key things that you need to avoid wearing when cycling is underwear. Cycling shorts are designed with lots of benefits to help you be more comfortable when you are riding, including the material that they are made of. The majority of underwear is built using cotton, which does not have any of these features. So, if you wear cotton underwear beneath your cycling shorts, you will be undoing all the good things that the cycling shorts are supposed to do. 

Another very important thing that you need to avoid wearing when you are cycling is trainers with laces. Unfortunately, a lot of trainers are designed with laces, but they really aren’t suitable for cycling. Laces can easily get tangled in the pedals of your bike, and can also easily come undone. So, you should instead opt for trainers with Velcro straps, or better yet trainers with no straps at all. Otherwise, cycling could quickly become very dangerous. 

What should I wear cycling at 60?

Depending on the temperature at which you are cycling in, different outfits will be more appropriate. The entire basis of cycling clothing is fairly standard. But, depending on how warm or cold it is going to be, you might wear more or less layers. Generally, 60 degrees Fahrenheit is a comfortable temperature to cycle in, and once you get going you will quickly become warm in this heat. 

If you are cycling in any temperature between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, then you want to keep the amount of clothes that you are wearing to the absolute minimum. We would recommend beginning your outfit for this type of weather with a pair of cycling shirts and a short sleeve bike jersey. Instead of wearing a jacket in this temperature, we would instead recommend wearing both arm and leg warmers to keep the skin on your arms and calves warm while you cycle. 

As we have said, once you start cycling you will quickly become warm, so there is no need to layer up. If you do, it is likely that you will quickly find yourself becoming too warm while you are cycling. But if you are someone who feels the cold, you should wear a base layer beneath your bike jersey to help keep you warm. 

What do cyclists wear under their shorts?

This might come as a surprise, but most cyclists don’t wear anything underneath their shorts. This could be considered a bit of a scandal, but cyclists generally don’t wear anything beneath their shorts as this will limit the shorts' ability to do their job properly. As we have mentioned, cycling shorts are designed with lots of different features to ensure you are more comfortable when cycling. Wearing anything beneath these shorts would restrict these features, and likely make you uncomfortable. 

You might expect cyclists to wear cotton underwear beneath their shorts, and this is a pretty fair assumption to make. After all, cotton underwear is worn beneath almost all outfits, so it would make sense for cyclists to wear them. However, the most dedicated cyclists do not. 

The cotton that is used to construct underwear is often very restrictive. This means that it will dig into the skin of the person wearing them, and can rub over prolonged periods. Cycling shorts are designed so that they never become uncomfortable and always protect your skin from rubbing and chafing. So, it is easy to see why these two pieces of clothing are not compatible. So, generally speaking, cyclists do not wear anything underneath their shorts as this would impact the effectiveness of their cycling shorts. 

How can I look stylish when cycling?

There’s no denying that cycling gear isn’t the most stylish of clothing. In fact, in a lot of cases, cycling gear can be pretty unflattering, so it is understandable that you might want to switch up your look. After all, cycling clothing is designed with comfort in mind, not fashion, so finding fashionable cycling gear can be difficult. 

This is why it is easier to add your own pieces of style to your gear if you want to look better while cycling. One of the best ways to make you look more stylish while you cycle is to pick a good-looking helmet. There are lots of different helmets available, in a variety of colors and patterns, which gives you the perfect opportunity to make your cycling look a lot more stylish. 

But this isn’t the only way that you can make yourself look more stylish when cycling. Another way to make yourself appear more stylish is to focus on the details of your look. This includes sock color and length, the trainers that you are wearing, and the pantyhose/leg warmers that you wear in cold temperatures. Other than that, the best way to add more style to your cycling look is to put your own spin on it. Stay away from popular colors, and choose things that you like if you really want to stand out from the crowd. 

Do you wear cycling tights over or under shorts?

This will definitely come as a shock if you haven’t worn cycling shorts and tights before, but cycling tights should always be worn over the top of your cycling shorts. The principle behind this is fairly similar to the reason you should never wear cotton underwear beneath your cycling shorts. 

Cycling shorts are designed to be insanely comfortable while you cycle. They are made with breathable fabric that will not chafe, and are also often constructed with padding on the buttocks. There is absolutely no question about whether or not the saddle of a bicycle is uncomfortable, and this padding is added to try to protect your bottom against the uncomfortable material of the saddle. 

If you wear your cycling tights beneath your shorts, then this will impact how comfortable the shorts are. It will also open you up to a greater risk of chafing while you ride. To avoid this, you should always wear your cycling tights on top of your shorts. This can seem very unnatural at first, but there is no denying that this is the more comfortable way to wear your cycling shorts and tights. After all, comfort is key when it comes to cycling. Especially if you like to ride for long distances. 

Do professional cyclists wear padded shorts?

Yes, a lot of professional cyclists do wear padded shorts while they are competing. And who can blame them? Padded shorts are a million times more comfortable than regular cycling shorts. They also make a huge difference if you are cycling vigorously, or for very long distances, like professional cyclists often are. So, a lot of professional cyclists do choose to wear padded shorts as it can make their time cycling a lot more comfortable. 

However, not all professional cyclists will wear padded shorts. There is no rule dictating which type of shorts professional cyclists should wear, the decision is entirely up to the individuals. This is because whether shorts are padded, or not, will have no impact on the speed at which a professional cyclist is able to pedal and the distance that they are able to cover. 

So, yes, a lot of professional cyclists do wear padded shorts. After all, these shorts were essentially designed with professional cyclists in mind as they were built to protect those who spend long periods on their bike. And no one spends more time on their bicycle than a professional cyclist. However, not all professional cyclists will wear padded shorts as some will prefer the regular type. But, generally speaking, the majority of professional cyclists do wear padded shorts. 

Do cyclists wear diapers?

Most cyclists do not wear diapers. In fact, most cyclists do not even wear underwear beneath their shorts. But it is easy to see why you might expect cyclists to wear diapers. You only need to watch any competitive cycling race to be puzzled at how the cyclists can go so long without needing to urinate. But the simple fact is that most cyclists do not go any length of time without urinating. Instead, they simply pee while they are cycling. 

This might be a massive shock, but once you know this fact, it is quite easy to see how this makes sense. Some cycling racecourses take hours to complete, and most cyclists drink water regularly while they are competing. So they were obviously going to need to go to the toilet at some point. Instead of taking a break from the competition, a lot of cyclists simply urinate while on the go. 

This is commonly practiced in the French cycling tournament, the Tour de France. While on the go, you will often witness a cyclist urinating while remaining on the seat of their bike. This is easy to notice as another member of the same team will often latch onto the back of that person’s bike to help them keep up speed while they urinate. So, no, cyclists do not tend to wear diapers, but they do often wet themselves while they ride.

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